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Safety Audit - Doctor's Office - Unit 3 Health and Social Care task 4

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´╗┐Doctor?s Office SCENE DESCRIPTION: In the doctor?s office there is his main desk, a bed with a long floor-length curtain around it, a shelf, a coat rack with lots of things hanging on it, a low table, a cupboard, and a lamp plugged in from across the room. Potential hazards in this room include the curtain around the bed draping along the floor, the shelf having sample pots of patients? bodily fluids stored on it, the coat rack being heavily loaded on one side, the low table having a pack of expired pills on it, the cupboard not having child safety locks on it, and the wire from the lamp trailing across the middle of the room. Around the bed there is a privacy curtain that can be pulled across to separate the bed from the rest of the room. The length of this curtain is too long and the bottom 4 inches drape along the floor, causing a tripping hazard. This hazard is especially a risk to children, the elderly, and those with vision impairments. On the shelf on the wall of the Doctor?s office there are sample pots of patients? bodily fluids (blood, saliva, urine etc.) that are waiting to be sent off for lab testing. This is not only unappealing for patients in the room to look at, it is also a breach of confidentiality between the doctor and the patient whose samples they are, since each sample has a label on with the patient?s medical details on it. ...read more.


The doctor should also make sure that if it is being used, that the load is balanced, and not one-sided. To reduce this risk of the long curtain, the curtain needs to be replaced with one of suitable length; until then, it should be tucked away when not in use. To reduce the risk of the lamp, it needs to be moved closer to the plug socket so that there isn?t a wire across the floor, and patients warned of the hazard. TREATMENT PRIORITIES AND OUTLINE: Pills, samples, cupboard, coat rack, curtain, lamp Firstly, all the pills should be removed from the table and disposed of in the proper way. An ambulance should be called if anyone has ingested any of the expired medicine and they should be waited with by the first aider. Secondly, an ambulance should be called for anyone who ingests any samples. Any clothing or jewellery contaminated by the sample should be removed as this could cause infection. Thirdly, anyone who comes into contact with the needles from the unlocked cupboard should have the wounds cleaner and steriled, then taken to hospital to check if they have contracted any diseases from the needles. Next, anyone who has the coat rack fall on them should be taken to A&E or have an ambulance called for them, depending on the severity of the injury . The person could have concussion from falling and should be taken to hospital immediately as the symptoms of concussions sometimes take a while to appear. ...read more.


The person who has tripped over the lamp wire should be sat in a private room, if they can get up, if not the door of the doctor's office should be closed and only people who need to be in the room should be in the room. REPORTING/FOLLOW UP: All of the staff should be given health and safety training and hazardous chemicals training and given disposal bins to put unused/expired pills in to keep them out of reach of people, especially children. The samples should be kept off of the shelf, in a different, locked room to avoid the risk of anyone coming into contact with the samples, or breaching confidentiality of whose samples are whose. All the hazardous substances in the cupboard should have a lock placed on the cupboard and only people who need to access the substances should have access to this lock. A senior member of staff should regularly check this cupboard, that it is locked and safe. The coat rack needs to be secured to the wall to ensure it doesn?t topple over on top of anyone and causes an injury. The bracket securing it needs to be regularly checked so that it doesn't become loose without warning. The curtain needs to be replaced with one of suitable length, and until then patients need to be warned about the hazard, and have it tucked away when not in use. The lamp needs to be moved to where there is a plug socket close by and the wire will not be draped across the floor. ...read more.

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