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SARS.SARS was first carried out into the world at large on 21 February by a Chinese man traveled to Hong Kong and stayed at the Metropole Hotel.

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A most heated current event lately in the world- wide, especially in Asian, became the common worries of everyday life of everybody. It is a severe disease, which spreads out rapidly in the air; according to the Vnexpress electrical newspaper, on 11 March 2003, 23 Vietnamese employees of health care got that disease. It took many lives away in the world; for example: there were 36 people in the world dying a day, on 25-26 March 2003. It left many serious consequences wherever it has passed. The severe disease has impacted on the economy, particularly on air- communication field. Everybody was afraid of flying to the area which has the disease. They stopped traveling; neither making a business trip, following Vnexpress.net, the demand for travel to Australia decreased 20- 30%.Those things caused the air- communication going down further. School closed; people feared of crowd because it will become a good situation for virus to spread out. What is exactly making the world fall into a bad situation like that? The answer is SARS- Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. SARS is the scientific name which has given to the severe disease which has been killing 812 people in the whole world. ...read more.


Thereto, SARS also has many other variants of coronavirus; they specially attack the breathing system and become more aggressive when transferring to human being. According to "What Do You Know about SARS?", "The SARS virus could hide in some animal or environmental reservoir, only to resurface once conditions again become ripe for spread to its new human host. SARS might also behave like many other respiratory diseases of viral origin, dying out as heat and humidity rise and returning when the season turns cooler". In general, SARS appears to spread is by close person-to-person contact. Most cases of SARS have involved people who cared for or lived with someone with SARS, or had direct contact with infectious material (for example, respiratory secretions) from a person who has SARS. Potential ways in which SARS can be spread out include "touching of other people or other things that are contaminated with infectious droplets and then touching your eye(s), nose, or mouth", quote from "The Way SARS Spread Out." Fortunately, SARS hasn't spread out in the United States. Most of the U.S. cases of SARS have occurred among travelers returning to the United States from other parts of the world with SARS. ...read more.


Things are above reflected the truth that people like them was thinking SARS as a joke when they tried to do the worse things like that. Gradually, SARS has settled down. This proves that the world is holding the severe disease in check. The scientists, doctors, nurses and health care workers; they all did perfectly well with their best and responsibility. They didn't hesitate while they were taking care of SARS patients; they seemed like they didn't fear SARS. They knew they were easily caught by SARS like the WHO expert, Dr. Carlo Urbani died of SARS on March 29 2003, but they won't stop until SARS reality is rolled back. Looking at the damage SARS left; no one could say SARS won't go back. There are still many SARS patients who are grappling day and night with SARS; there are still many masks at school, at meeting, at station...etc; there are still many posters with the warning and the slogan about SARS. An important subject in every WHO meetings is SARS. China seems more vitality than the hottest time of SARS process, restaurant opens again, men could sit down and talk in cafe shop, women could go to market but they never take off their mask. Viet Nam, which was the first country, was stepped out of the SARS' area list of WHO, next are Canada, Taiwan, Guangdong Province and Hong Kong, Singapore...etc. CHUA XONG. ...read more.

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