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Shallow Hal Questions

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5/1/05 Shallow Hal Questions Waleed But 10P Look at the picture what do you think when you see images like this? 1. To be honest when I look at the picture I think to myself "oh my life!" When I see images that are like that I do actually think and ask my self why they are so huge. Obesity is normally a deliberate disorder by either eating to much, not doing enough exercise, or just being lazy and not caring about being fat. When you see someone who is huge It creates a bad impression as it tells you that they are possibly lazy and eat too much. However, being fat can be a natural disorder; such as elephantitus. People should not be mocked if they are fat but should be encouraged to eat less and do more in life than watch and sit at home all day. ...read more.


2) "Never judge a book by it's cover" Explain this saying This saying is trying to point out that you shouldn't look at what is on the outside of a person i.e. grossest size but look at something that is on the inside such as personality. It has been said that this is a saying used by ugly people but I think that is wrong. It is not what is on the outside of a person but what is on the inside. A person might be a super model on the outside but quite possibly on the inside he/she could be a devil. The saying is true is quite a lot of cases but it also can be untrue as someone on the outside could look nice and could be nice on the inside as well. ...read more.


When was the last time you discriminated against someone? Be honest when writing your answer. The last time I discriminated against someone was because of their disability. A friends' sister was in a wheel chair and wanted to play rugby. But I said no you can't your disabled. She wanted to play and said if I didn't let her play then I was being prejudice. So I let her play. When she started playing within 5 seconds of starting someone had tackled her and she had fallen out of her wheel chair and had broken a bone in her leg. I told her that I was right and she was wrong but she was unable to say anything. I did discriminate but I think that it was for the right reasons, showing that sometimes some people cannot do something for the right reasons i.e. health and safety. She ended up being ok in the end and now plays non-contact rugby. By Waleed Butt 10P ...read more.

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