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shoud smoking be banned in public places

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Contents page Page1 * Introduction * What is in a cigarette and what makes it addictive? Page2 * What is in a cigarette and what makes it addictive? Page 3 * Smoking related illnesses * What does smoking do to your body Page 4 * Passive smoking Page5 * Passive smoking continued * conclusion Should smoking be banned in public places? Introduction Like it or not, smoking will be banned in all public indoor spaces in the UK by summer 2007. most people are happy about the ban however the smokers are not so happy about having to have a cigarette outside in the rain. Smoking in all indoor public places will be banned. Many places - such as cinemas and public transport - have rarely permitted smoking in recent years, and so it will be places like pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and private members' clubs that feel the biggest impact of the ban. What is in a cigarette and what makes it addictive? ...read more.


(http://www.thesite.org/drinkanddrugs/drugsafety/smoking/whatsinacigarette) This deprives the body of oxygen, which makes the blood sticky and can cause problems with the growth, repair and exchange of healthy nutrients. * Acetone - widely used as a solvent, for example in nail polish remover. * Ammonia - is found in cleaning fluids. * Arsenic - a deadly poison, used in insecticides. * Formaldehyde - used to preserve dead bodies. * Cadmium - a highly poisonous metal used in batteries. * Shellac - becomes a wood varnish when mixed with a form of alcohol. * Benzene - used as a solvent in fuel and chemical production. * Cyanide - a deadly poison. (http://www.nosmokingday.org.uk/smokers/inacigarette.htm) What does smoking do to your body? When germs and dirt get into your lungs, the cilia sweep them upwards in the mucus to your throat. Then when you swallow them your stomach acids destroy them. The chemicals in tobacco smoke stop the cilia working properly. Because of this the smoker has to cough in order to clear the mucus. ...read more.


Illnesses in children Middle ear infection Asthma (induction & exacerbation) Bronchitis (induction & exacerbation) Pneumonia (induction & exacerbation) Illnesses in adults Heart disease Stroke Lung cancer Nasal cancer The California EPA report also identified a link between passive smoking and the following: Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) Adverse impact on learning and behavioural development in children Meningococcal infections in children Cancers and leukaemia in children Asthma exacerbation in adults Exacerbation of cystic fibrosis Decreased lung function Cervical cancer (http://www.ash.org.uk/html/passive/html/passive.html) I believe that the smoking ban will be a good impact on the country. It will benefit every one by causing less deaths and in turn not costing the country so much. The loss of life is too great a cost to be stated as an amount of money. Although I still believe it hasn't affected the younger party of smokers, because they can't go to club or pubs where most people are finding it hard to smoke. Parks and open areas are mainly where they are socialising. I believe that the smoking age should be increased to 18. Chloe O'Leary Chemistry Case study 10T2 Chloe O'Leary ...read more.

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