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should human drug trials be allowed to continue?

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Considering the incidence at Northwick park hospital should Human trial allowed to be continued? Pg1 Introduction Human drug trials are conducted worldwide each year to make a breakthrough in cancer and diseases which aren't curable by our immune system.TGN1412 was developed to treat inflammatory conditions such as luekaemia and rheumatoid, arthritis. Last year a clinical drug trial was conducted which was phase 1 in the trial based on preclinical test. 6 of the 8 volunteers, who were given 500 times weaker dose chimps were given, rapidly developed multiple organ failure which lead to 1 volunteer into a coma for 2 weeks in intensive care. Doctors described one man as 'elephant man' his body had swollen up in size (http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0, 2-2006140654). The other 2 volunteers were luckily for them given placebos describing the scenes as 'horrific'. This incident was the start to a worldwide dispute to whether clinical trials should be conducted? I believe that drug trials should go ahead, despite the unpredictable effects they could cause. However one day they will make a huge breakthrough in science and human anatomy. As I continue to dispute this argument for and against drug trials; as evidence I will use several websites, quotes and events that occurred in Northwick park hospital. Science Before a clinical trial had begun there are standard safety steps (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4808090.stm) which are the following: The first few steps are to test how safe the drug is and for side effects. ...read more.


TGN 1412 was made to specially bind to receptors in human t-cells so by using the drug on animals it didn't bind the equivalent to another species which is why 9/10 drugs that pass animal testing fail in human trials. The drug trial for many reasons was stopped: This was due to severe vomiting, swelling of body which was what Nav modi 'elephant man' was suffering with as well as mental trauma and severe headaches which was common between the 6 volunteers and some symptoms of: Severe aching of body Coma longest case lasting two and half weeks Mummification of body parts Weakened immune system Despite this tegenero and paraxel will learn from these unfortunate events as they successfully conducted drug testing process but as it wasn't tested on human cells they failed to achieve of what could be a huge success. (Teachers note & www.bbc.com/news) This was 1 of many effects the drug had after it was taken. Rock fingers. Research from findings Clinical trials tend to be set by the NHS hospitals by charitable or academic institutions as well as special companies, who carry out the trials on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. Although this event was catastrophic it was a one off, we all need to remember that drug trials happen all the time and most do become successful although there are drawbacks but despite that the drug could still be success and a licensed drug in years to come. ...read more.


Pg 5 Definitions Placebo: a substance having no pharmacological effect but given merely to satisfy a patient who suppose it to be a medicine. Clinical trail: scientific evaluation of a new treatment that has shown benefit in animal or laboratory studies, but that has not yet been proven superior to existing therapies for people. Monoclonal antibodies: capable of boosting the action of killer immune cells (T cell) to help them fight cancer cells which they can't normally do. MRHA: medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency. In vitro: made to occur in a laboratory vessel or other controlled experimental environment rather than within a living organism or natural setting. Pre-clinical: the period in medical or dental education preceding the clinical study of medicine or dentistry <the preclinical years>; specifically: of or relating to the early period of prescribed medical or dental study devoted to the basic sciences Cytokines: Any of several regulatory proteins, such as the interleukins and lymphokines, that are released by cells of the immune system and act as intercellular mediators in the generation of an immune response. Proliferation: the growth or production of cells by multiplication of parts. Lymphocytes: Any of the nearly colorless cells found in the blood, lymph, and lymphoid tissues, constituting approximately 25 percent of white blood cells and including B cells, which function in humeral immunity, and T cells, which function in cellular immunity. Antigen: Immunology. Any substance that can stimulate the production of antibodies and combine specifically with them. Pharmaceutical: pertaining to pharmacy or pharmacists. ...read more.

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