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Should Smoking be banned in Public Places?

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English Essay - 'It's time that smoking was banned in public places' Should Smoking be banned in Public Places? In my opinion I think smoking should banned from public places. My reasons for this are; People who smoke should be considerate of that fact that not only are they damaging their own existing health but also they are harming the others around them who are only breathing in the tobacco smoke. During the past ten years of tests, experiments etc. on the effect of smoking both directly and passive, there is now enough scientific evidence to prove that exposure to second-hand smoke both harms health, and worsens existing health problems and at least one thousand people are estimated to die each year in the UK as the result of exposure to other people's tobacco smoke. This means that not only are the smokers making their health even worse and increasing their chances of getting diseases such as cancer or bronchitis but also they are killing those around them knowingly. ...read more.


Out of the 4,000 chemicals there are in the smoke these three have a very large affect on the body. The tar is what coats the lining of the lungs making them less able to take in oxygen; it also contains carcinogens, which is the fundamental cause of cancer. The Carbon Monoxide is a poisoness gas that joins up with the red blood cells making them incapable of transporting oxygen around the body. And lastly the Nicotine is the addictive drug which raises the heart beat, narrows the arteries causing high blood pressure, which in most cases leads to heart disease. Already these three chemicals have a vast affect on the health of any person. So if people do smoke and have to then why should those that don't smoke have to be affected as well by these toxic chemicals? Smokers aren't always aware of what damage they are doing both to themselves and the others around them. ...read more.


I think that these two countries should encourage other cities and countries to ban smoking in public places as well and prove that with this ban, there will be a decrease in the number of diseases and deaths from passive smoking. But not only is it that adults are smoking, but more recently teenagers or children from a very early age are actually smoking, some probably knowing the few short - term affects of it but not realising what the long term affects of smoking are. In conclusion, not only will the ban of smoking in public places benefit the non - smokers or those suffering from passive smoking, the smokers can also be satisfied with doing it in another enclosed environment away from others. I think this is a good idea because; currently we are nowhere near banning smoking completely. So for a temporary solution to reduce health problems for passive smoking, the ban will help to isolate the smokers and then possibly leading up to smokers having to give up when maybe the day that cigarettes are banned completely. ...read more.

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