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Smoking. If I could put just one thing into Room 101 it would be these selfish group of people who are addicted to the drug nicotine, I of course refer to smokers.

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Are you on a suicide mission, along with thousands of others? Surely anyone who smokes must realise with all the following evidence that death awaits around the corner far earlier than those who don't. If I could put just one thing into Room 101 it would be these selfish group of people who are addicted to the drug 'nicotine', I of course refer to smokers. Smoking doesn't just affect the smoker, but everyone who comes into contact with them. This is called passive smoking, where other people breathe in the smoke. Only 15% of the actual smoke is inhaled by the smoker, the rest gets distributed into the air. The main gas in cigarette smoke is carbon monoxide that same poisonous gas, which comes from car, exhausts. Therefore people who live or work with smokers for a number of years are exposed to a considerable amount of pollution, through no fault of their own. Tobacco smoke contains over 4000 chemicals, 60 of which are known to cause cancer. Every day, one smoker dies from lung cancer caused by passive smoking. ...read more.


Now lets have a look about the damage done to the actual smoker ? Every year in the UK about 111,000 people die before their time from smoking related diseases that is one death every 5 minutes, the time it takes to smoke a cigarette. ? 1 in every 6 deaths in due to smoking ? Lung cancer ? Oral and other neck and head cancers ? Bladder cancer ? Chronic bronchitis ? Emphysema ? Coronary artery disease (high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease) Most of these facts are what people know already, so why do people persist in throwing money away on these smelly, silly, little sticks. Apart from the damage they do, if the average smoker has 10 cigarettes a day at the price of �2 that equals �14 a week, which is �56 a month totalling �760 a year. Many people smoke much more than this. It baffles me how people can actually afford this, often preferring to spend this money on themselves rather than food for their children, which I have known to be the case. ...read more.


It requires one tree to cure 300 cigarettes (WHO 19080). Which equals one tree a fortnight for the average smoker ? Growing tobacco means less land available for food crops. 10 to 20 million people could be fed by food crops grown instead (Barry M. 1991) Finally I must speak a little about the image of the smoker. There is nothing I fancy more than a girl with a cigarette in her mouth. As you approach her, and she accidentally burns you with the end, that wonderful smell comes from her breath, not minty fresh, but a stale, repugnant odour, which is also on her clothes. Those yellow, nicotine stained fingers, and not forgetting those dazzling mustard coloured teeth. Only joking, what a turn off! For some reason young people who smoke seem to think it is a sign of maturity, where as most adults shake their heads in despair at such childish behaviour. Those who smoke often have no interest in life; they don't exercise or do a sport. Just 'hang around' with their mates, trying to look 'big' and intimidating. This tar infested smelling, smoking, stick can either rapidly increase this suicide mission, but by you saying no! You have a chance in which you can live life! ...read more.

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