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Smoking.Main Facts: Currently, just over a quarter of the UKs population, about 15 million people smoke cigarettes.

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SMOKING March 2003 Hannah Voice Main Facts: * Currently, just over a quarter of the UK's population, about 15 million people smoke cigarettes. * The majority of smokers are people between the ages of 20 and 34. * More that 80% of smokers take up the habit as teenagers. * In the UK, about 450 children start smoking every day. * Approximately one fifth of Britain's 15 year olds are regular smokers, despite the fact that it is illegal to smoke under the age of 16. * Surveys show, that 70% of smokers, would like to give up their habit. * Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of cancer worldwide. * Every year, around 120,000 smokers in the UK die, as a result of smoking. * Smoking kills around six times more people in the UK per year, than road traffic accidents (3,391), other accidents (8,933), poisoning and overdoses (3,157), murder and manslaughter (495), suicide (4,485), and HIV infection (180). * About half, of all regular cigarette smokers, will eventually be killed by their habit. * Smoking causes about 30% of all cancer deaths (including around 90% of lung cancer deaths), 17% of all heart disease deaths, and at least 80% of deaths from bronchitis and emphysema. * It is estimated, that several hundred cases of lung cancer, and several thousand cases of heart disease in non-smokers in the UK, are caused by passive smoking (breathing other people's tobacco smoke). ...read more.


The graph on the right shows the smoking behaviour by age, for pupils aged 11-15, in England - 2000. Smoking Worldwide: There are 1.1 billion smokers in the world. There will be 1billion tobacco deaths worldwide in the 21st century, if current global smoking patterns continue. By the year 2030, the worldwide number of tobacco-related deaths each year, will increase from 4, to 10million. 80% of them will occur in developing countries. The UK and the USA, have among the highest rates of lung cancer in women in the world, currently. However, both countries have the fasted falling rates of lung cancer in men. Of the EU countries, Greece has the highest rate of smoking men (46%), and Sweden has the lowest (22%). Among women, Ireland has the highest rate of smoking (31%), and Portugal has the lowest (7%). Worldwide, the vast majority of smokers are in Asia (54.5%). Below, is a pie chart, showing the percentage of smokers worldwide (by region). What Is In A Cigarette: There are more than 400 different compounds in a tobacco smoke; many of these are toxic, cause cancer, or damage cells. The three main compounds are: * Nicotine: a powerful, fast-acting, addictive drug, that causes the 'hit' when drawing on a cigarette. Most of the 15million smokers in the UK, are addicted to nicotine, and crave cigarettes to feed their habit. ...read more.


Over time (sometimes only a few years), chemicals from smoking cause the tiny air sacs, alveoli, to weaken, and sometimes break. The result is prominent breathing difficulties, particularly the ability to exhale. People with emphysema often are unable to blow out a single match. Emphysema usually comes before chronic bronchitis (another COPD). Quitting smoking will greatly slow down the rate of decline. However, damaged lung tissue is unable to repair itself. Both lung cancer and emphysema result in the lungs losing their spongy, elastic properties, which enable them to function efficiently. The picture above shows the adverse affects of smoking. The picture above shows a damaged lung. If more people saw pictures such as this one, then maybe they wouldn't be so keen to take up this habit in the first place. But............. When you smoke a cigarette the nicotine hits your brain and makes you feel good, and the desire to repeat that feeling is what gets people addicted. However, some scientists think that they can create an injection that will help your body kill all the nicotine cells before they reach the brain, which should stop people getting addicted. Common Brands: In the UK, a packet of 20 cigarettes averagely costs �3.36. Below, is a list of a few of the well-known brands: Marlboro Merit Multifilter L&M State Express Benson & Hedges West Hollywood Rothmans Dunhill International Salem Winston Camel Yves Mild Seven Superkings Regel Kool Lucky Strike ...read more.

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