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Smoking: The bold truth

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Here today, in this piece of writing, I'm going to tell you the truth about the disgusting things called Cigarettes, some can't live with them and some think they can't live without them! I myself am talking from experience as my best friends smoke and I have tried it but have been lucky enough as I was turned by the thought of smoke filling my lungs and releasing 4,000 different chemicals into my body! Smoking is a big deal in our society today most people smoke for social reasons or to get away from stress of modern day life like a problem at home, or stress in school or in the work place. Many people who don't smoke take it out many other things like going out with their friends to non-smoking areas like going ice skating or to the cinema. There is also many activities you can take up like football or maybe even yoga, but for most young people this all goes in one ear and out the other so for young people if you feel the need for a smoke, tell someone, chat to one of your friends on the phone or maybe you can phone your local health center and ask for some help or advice on how to overcome the craving for a smoke. ...read more.


Would you like to make friends with a person like this? Another way in which it affects relationship is that it affects the sexual relationship between two people. A man will have less a chance of having an erection if he is a smoker as a healthy blood flow is needed to erect the penis but the nicotine from a cigarette damages the artery walls which makes it harder for more blood to get through so it damages the mans chances of an erection. In our society an experiment was carried out and if you took 1,000 young smokers that had a twenty a day habit of smoking and range from an age of about 11-16 one child will probably get murdered six children will die on roads and around 333 children will die from smoking related diseases and from this I can tell you that about four hundred and fifty people aged between 10 and fourteen will start smoking everyday in the UK. You may think that there is only a few diseases you can get from smoking like lung cancer and cancer but there are loads that include mouth cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer and more. ...read more.


This might sound a bit far-fetched but when you smoke the food you eat tastes a bit smokier to you than it does to non-smokers. It is proven that non-smokers enjoy the taste of their food more than smokers as they get the full taste and not just a Smokey texture. When you smoke you are not just killing yourself you are killing the people around you. If you want to stop and think you can't, try your best you never know what you can do with the right support. Tell one of your friends your stopping and they will help you. Maybe even go down to your local health clinic and ask for some friendly advice, or if you are too embarrassed to go to your local health centre, phone them up, there are listings for most of the health centers in northern Ireland in the yellow pages, there is also the smokers helpline started by the government to help people give up smoking and the number for that is 0800 85 85 85. If you give up smoking you will improve your breathing so you'll do better in your physical subjects in school, your physical appearance will improve so you'll meet new friends and you never know your life might just improve! // NICOLA MC CONVILLE 11F MISS SMITH ENGLISH // ...read more.

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