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Sociological Perspective concept of ill health

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Pattern and Trend in Health and illness The 3 social groups I will be comparing with will be: * Social Class * Ethnicity * And Gender Ethnicity: From the data on the right, it shows clear evidence that South Asia has a longer mortality rate compared to the rest of the world. Caribbean and West Africa shows that they are below the standard mortality rate. There are clear reasons suggesting why Caribbean and West Africa fall below the standard mortality rate whiles south Asia having the highest. Asian people have great knowledge into knowing what's good for their health and generally knowing how to take care of themselves. Because of this, they avoid unhealthy food such as fried oily dishes where consuming more healthy food such as steam fish. Because due to their good life style and diet, it helps and contributes their mortality rate much higher. European has the next highest mortality rate where they fall behind South Asia. Because Europe is a fairly rich economy, the people can afford to eat decent meals. However, it's because European does not know how to take care of their diet the same way Asian people does, their mortality rate is affected being lower. ...read more.


The unskilled has the lowest rate in the chart. This is because they may not have a steady income or possibly no income at all. This then reflect to their life style and diet which they can't afford the luxury, food and much more which affects their health. They live on basic things, can't eat healthy food which result in cheap fast food. This than increases many disease in their health such as heart disease which then reduces their life span. Social class is reflected in this diagram. I will begin explaining with occupation. Occupation enables people to have an income which determine how good a person can live their life, whether it is to buy luxury, good food or more, it is all determined in their job and the salary income they get. The occupation also reflects back to their health whether what job they do will determine how physical they need to get. Job such as higher managerial, administrative, professional accountant, bank manager, dentist, doctor, solicitor, these jobs is not physical labour so it is better for their health. Job such as Cleaner, builder, lorry driver, assembly line worker is much hard work which require physical attribute so it wouldn't be great for their health. ...read more.


Material suggest people in the low social class have a higher level of health problem due to the lifestyle and wealth they have. People who live in poverty cannot afford good nuitritional food so therefore they will resort to quick cheap fast food which is bad for their health. And because they live within a poor environment, education, jobs, housing is very poor. This will result in having a poor education for young pupil which will continue the cycle of poverty which will result in poor health and illnesses. This will therefore affect the population of young pupil and the elderly. Poor environment will have poor facilities. Therefore the environment will also be very unhygienic which will result to more illnesses. Cultural explanation is an argument that suggest poor health have more to do with cultural practices and beliefs. Therefore it argues it over the material disadvantages. Different culture have different views. They have different idea of public health service and follow traditions. So they have their own knowledge of health and treatments. The first two-explanation artefact and social has not been recognised to be accurate in the medical debate. The last two material and cultural is favoured by the debate which explains the pattern of morbidity and mortality. ?? ?? ?? ?? Calvin Chan - Sociological Perspectives Assignment 2 ...read more.

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