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Sociological Perspectives

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Unit 7 Sociological Perspectives P1 Use sociological terminology to describe the principal sociological perspectives. Am I going to describe the key sociological perspectives that have been used to describe and understand societies and the way that people behave within that society. FUNCTIONALISM This is a structuralist theory. Structuralists are interested in understanding the main institutions in society this includes the family, education, and health services, the economy and also looks at things like political institutions, religious groups and the media. Structuralists are concerned with how all of these things link with each other and how they influence people and their behaviour within a society. Functionalism is an approach that sees the social institutions in society working in harmony with each other. It sees individuals within that society making a contribution towards the smooth running of their own society. This approach can be traced back to Auguste Comte (1798-1857). Functionalists believe that our society works together with each other in institutions/groups such as; the family, the education system or legal system, with each of them having a social role or position in their society. Social roles within a group or institution brings a range of expectations and obligations for example, within the family, as a parent we are expected to protect and care for our children giving them ...read more.


They see women as producing the next generation of workers. They say that women have the role and responsibility of bringing up the children and cooking and cleaning, they also have the role of providing support for their husband/partner and they do all this without pay! Marxist feminist have the view that this is being dominated by their husbands/patners. They say that the responsibility of domestic life is the primary responsibility of the woman. Radical feminism Radical feminist are a separate group. They are extreme in their views. They also see woman as being oppressed by men but not capitalism. They say women and girls in a family are given the jobs that men/boys would not do. Same people now see this approach as being dated because in our modern society men and women are more equal with men staying at home while the women go out to work and women holding powerful positions in companies, women also do more of the D.I.Y around the home than in past years. Liberal feminism This approach would say that a lot of changes have taken place over the years. This includes the introduction of much legislation for example, the equal pay act and the equal opportunities act. ...read more.


Beverige believed that that there was a stigma attached to using services and thought that this should not be the way. He wanted it to be a person's right to use services and said they should not be seen as charity. All of this was to be financed through National insurance and taxes. THE NEW RIGHT 1979 saw Margaret Thatcher in government. Mrs Thatcher believed that the government should play less of a role in the provision of welfare and that people should be taking more responsibility for their own family's welfare. This government thought that state support allowed people to become dependant on benefits. This government thought that the state should not provide and that private companies could run things better for example, in hospitals where they use private cleaning company's and private company's to do the laundry and catering. There was no more council houses built, benefits were cut, the council sold off its care homes to private company's which often meant that these care homes were owned by the bigger more wealthy company's rather than the better smaller ones. This government also saw the introduction of the poll tax, which caused massive riots because people were made to pay the same poll tax despite their income, which meant that the working class were made to pay the same poll tax as the very wealthy. ...read more.

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