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Sociological theories and health - feminism and Marxism

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M2 Feminism This movement that is dedicated to making sure women have and attain rights and opportunities equal to those enjoyed by men. Feminists believe that women experience discrimination because of their sex and the also have particular needs that remain unmet as to in society. Within the feminist movement, there are various perspectives of what is the main importance. Some feminists hold Marxists views and take into consideration that capitalist society is mostly dominated by men. They believe that that these two factors are repeatedly reinforcing embedding their position as a natural order of society; this continues female oppression both ideologically and economically. ...read more.


deaths from road accidents, this could be linked to the feminism approach because women are likely to stay at home and look after the children and do household work, they are more likely not to associate with risk taking activities such as men. Marxism The basis of Marxism is social class in terms of the different levels of power each class has, the relationship of each class has to the means of production, the conflicts this makes and the influence these conflicts have on the society. In Marxism, there two major social classes within a capitalist society of private enterprise economy. ...read more.


shows that there is an existence of health inequalities and their association to social class, in this report there is data, even though there is a downfall in mortality, the superior classes take into account more rapid mortality deterioration. In The Black Report (1980) the report shows that there are higher levels of poverty in the lower social class and higher death rates due to ill health, the higher social class live in a more advanced area which more suitable for living conditions, but in contrast to that, people that live in the ruling class live in the inner city areas which is more prone to higher levels of pollution. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anna Smith Unit- Sociological Perspectives Health and Social Care ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

An introduction outlining what would be covered would be useful to help the reader get a sense of what will be presented. It is also useful for the writer in terms of using it to check that what it is the main body matches what was written in the introduction.
Without the detail of what M2 requires, I cannot say whether it has been achieved or not. I will say that the writer does evidence good knowledge of Marxist theory and the basic ideas around Feminism. Excellent links were made to relevant reports and what they suggest about social class and health inequalities, however grammatical errors did not allow the writer?s ideas to come through clearly. Please proof-read carefully.
It appeared that the writer was trying to make a link between feminist theory and health inequalities, but this link did not come through clearly. If feminist theory mainly deals with the subordination of women in society, how does that link to trends in health amongst women, e.g. depression rates for instance?

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 09/08/2013

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