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Some countries have more cancer cases and some have less, some have one type of cancer, some have another. There are various types of cancers, each with its own special properties, the race it effects, the age, the sex and the different part of the body.

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Cancer Michael Najdovski 2107931E RMIT University Department of Applied Biotechnology & Environmental Biology ONPS 1031 Molecular Biology Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 3 Properties of Cancer 3 Diagnosis 4 Treatment 4 Prevention 6 Summary 6 References 7 Abstract Cancer is a major contributor to deaths around the world. Some countries have more cancer cases and some have less, some have one type of cancer, some have another. There are various types of cancers, each with its own special properties, the race it effects, the age, the sex and the different part of the body. Introduction Cancer is a progressive disease and as such it will be fatal if it is not treated effectively. Cancer (in most cases) arises from a single cell. All cancer cells have mutations or changes affecting one or more oncogenes in the cells. These mutations or changes are usually caused by a foreign source such as cigarette smoke or sunlight. Because of these mutations some genes may not function properly. Normal cells replicate and eventually die so space is preserved and life goes on. With cancer cells, due to mutations somewhere along the genes, after their time of working and replicating, they do not die, they continue replicating and grow over each other and form a tumour. ...read more.


CAT scans are usually done to discover cancers and routine check ups can also help. A person knows their body best so any changes should be checked out. Other signs other cancer include fatigue, headaches, weight loss, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and so on. It is best to visit the doctor if in doubt. Treatment Many different views exist about the treatment of cancer. Different cultures have varying views. One of the more popular views, which is also being researched in more depth is the well known Chinese or herbal medicine. Many people are turning to this as an alternative therapy that is safer and healthier to use compared to the administering of toxic chemicals into the body such as in chemotherapy. One of these popular alternative ingredients is broccoli. It is a well known cancer fighting ingredient. It has many anticancer properties and a recent study found that broccoli, when chewed, releases and enzyme from the ruptured cells that produces a class of potent chemicals called sulphoraphanes. These chemicals inhibit the oxidising enzymes that damage DNA and potentially cause cancer (Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week. 2003. Nutrition; Knockout broccoli fights cancer). Alongside broccoli is garlic and a range of other plant products that play their own special part in fighting cancer. ...read more.


As long as people are careful it should be alright. Sunscreen in the sun, moderate alcohol consumption, some exercise. A recent study showed that fat content of the body is related to increased numbers of cancers. Too much body fat can influence cancer and cancer mortality a number of ways. It increases the amount of oestrogen in the blood, increasing the risk of cancers of the female reproductive system. It increases the risk of acid reflux, which can cause cancer of the oesophagus. It raises levels of insulin, prompting the body to create a hormone which causes cells to multiply (Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week. 2003. Obesity; Losing weight may prevent cancer deaths, study finds). One of the most simple ways to prevent cancer is regular screening. If the cancer is caught at the early stages it may be treated easily. Regular screening will save many of lives. Summary Cancer is one of the most commonly known killers of the modern world. It becomes what it is usually due to neglect of the body and causes a wide range of diseases. Treatments are available and if used in time may prove to be very effective in treating the cancer. The future looks to bring new and improved technological advances that will be more effective, efficient and safe at treating cancers. Although treatments are available the best measure to take against cancer is prevention. This can be done by eating right and living well. ...read more.

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