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Some people believe that the human race should be content with the body they are born into.

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There has always been much controversy surrounding the arguments for and against body piercing, tattooing and the use of plastic surgery. Some people believe that the human race should be content with the body they are born into. This however is not the belief of all. For a number of years body piercing and the art of tattoo, have been used in this country as a means of what some feel are body enhancements. In many countries it is part of the cultural heritage and rites of passage to receive piercings to a variety of body parts. In these cultures it is an acceptable process. In this country we are fortunate to have freedom of choice however there are age restrictions for piercing and tattooing. At some point in their lives the majority of teenagers will wish to have a piercing or a tattoo. The age restrictions prevent them from doing this without parental consent until they are at a certain age. Teenage requests to have a tattoo or perhaps their ears pierced can cause conflict within the family circle. Many parents may share the belief that by having tattoos or parts of their body pierced their children are in fact not enhancing their body image but ruining it. ...read more.


This would certainly be the opinion of a teenager who is facing opposition to their request to have some form of piercing or tattoo. However everyone is surely entitled to voice their opinion, it would be a boring world if we all made the same choices. Is it not important that we should all choose how we wish to live our lives? On the other hand it is probably sensible that there are age restrictions with regards to tattoos and piercings as many youths may make a decision, or a choice, which they could in later years regret. An impulsive action in the teenage years may cause distress later on in life. Consequently any decisions should be given great thought. There has always been a place for plastic surgery for those who have been seriously injured in accidents. For some people it has been important that they have received cosmetic surgery in order to correct injuries they have sustained as a result of an accident. The opportunity to receive help from a plastic surgeon has improved the quality of life for victims of accidents. No one would deny that in certain situations there is the need for plastic surgery. ...read more.


They have also tried to warn against the bogus surgeons who are not as skilled as they should be in order to perform such delicate operations. There is a danger that these 'back street' practitioners will cause a great deal of harm. To some extent it is important that we have skilled tattoo artists, those trained to pierce body parts and qualified plastic surgeons, which are able to perform their skills for a fee. It is probably safer if people are going to have a tattoo or a piercing that they consult a person trained in this profession. In conclusion there are advantages and disadvantages to any form of change made to our bodies. I feel that individual choice is important, although I feel certain choices should only be made by individuals when they have reached an age of consent. How a person perceives themselves affects their self esteem. If a body tattoo is going to make someone feel more confident or desirable then where is the problem with that? However I feel these choices need to be financed by the individual. I would certainly feel outraged if a patient was unable to have a life saving operation on the National Health Service because Mrs Jones was having her 'nose fixed'. I also feel that personal choice is important providing the individuals are aware of the risk factors. ...read more.

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