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Strategies for health promotion - analysing health campaigns

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Unit 6 AO3 - UK strategies for health promotion Strategies are plans of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim (to improve something). The government's main focus/concern is public health they have put in place many strategies which are being used to improve the health of our country. They aim to promote health and make people aware of the health risks that they currently in and may be in, in future life, with these strategies. The strategies educate people on how to transform their lifestyles in order to prevent those risks from happening. One of the main topics of concern for the government is obesity. Obesity has slowly become an epidemic. Many strategies to tackle it have been set: Change4Life"Eat Well, Move More, Live Longer" Change4Life is a society-wide movement that aims to prevent people from becoming overweight by encouraging them to eat better and move more. It came into place on January 2009. Change4Life is set out to make people aware of the fact that they are not getting the needed amount of physical activity and that they are not eating the right foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lack of exercise and increased consumption of unhealthy foods has led the whole population to become ether overweight or obese. Change4Life stresses that in order to prevent the problem of occurring and getting worse we need to make changes to our lifestyles. ...read more.


8-9) Change4Life promotion: Website School Food Trust - "Eat better, Do better" The School Food Trust strategy was established in 2005. In May 2006 the government asked the School Food Trust to lead their national implementation. This strategy is set out to make sure that the average school lunch offers the right mix of energy and nutrients for growing children, and limits their exposure to sugary, fatty, and salty foods. The School Food Trust strategy is responsible for the Let's Get Cooking program. It has established the biggest national network of healthy cooking clubs for children and families. This strategy has already reached more than 1.5 million people with healthy cooking activities, and more than half of those taking part say they eat a healthier diet as a result of learning to cook. This strategy has proven that it works and schools all over the world should follow it in order to reduce obesity risks amongst children. The Let's Get Cooking campaign makes sure that the children's parents learn how to cook healthy meals so the children can become healthy and reduce risk of obesity, balanced meals not only at school but also at home. This helps children to adapt. Schools also teach children how to have healthy lifestyles and even how to cook healthy meals. It gives children motivation to eat healthy food. The front covers of two online recipe booklets Sexual Health The National Chlamydia Screening Programme (NCSP) ...read more.


The new Mental Health Strategy will be... * Mainstreaming mental health. * Tackling mental health from two sides to improve outcomes for people with mental illness and build resilience and wellbeing to prevent mental health problems in the whole community. * Taking measures to improve public mental health and wellbeing Conclusion There are many public health campaigns which aim to tackle the main health concerns of the government. Mental health, drugs, sexual health and alcohol are the main health concerns however obesity is by far the government's biggest concern as it is becoming more and more common amongst the public. Our nation is becoming bigger but what concern's the government more is that our children are becoming bigger in size. Children are the future of our nation and if they become bigger their risks of fatal illness increase, decreasing their life expectancies and jeopardizing our future generation. Possible causes and explanations for unhealthy lifestyles Alcohol National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) carried out a study on alcohol and how it links to obesity. In an analysis of data collected from more than 37,000 people who had never smoked, researchers found that BMI was associated with the number of drinks individuals consumed on the days they drank. "In our study, men and women who drank the smallest quantity of alcohol - one drink per drinking day - with the greatest frequency - three to seven days per week - had the lowest BMI's, while those who infrequently consumed the greatest quantity had the highest BMIs." A report of the study by Dr. Breslow http://www.easier.com/29306-britain-heading-towards-alcohol-obesity. ...read more.

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