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Strategies to help prevent HIV

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Strategies to help prevent HIV Local strategies to help prevent HIV There are a number of local strategies that have been set out to prevent HIV. In schools children at young ages are taught about sex education in order to give them a deeper understating of the factors that could influence an individual's life such as STD's. The reason they are taught about this at a young age is because as they grow older and their bodies develop more maturely and they start going through puberty. At this stage they may start having relationships with each other and will be aware of the risks and outcomes of any type of sexual behavior they wish to follow. So I think it is a good idea providing children education on sex at a young age as they will not have yet gone through puberty but will be aware of the risks and outcomes. It also allows them to understand different factors relating to this topic and can be aware of how to prevent themselves from getting infected with any diseases, for and example by having safe sex and using condoms. There are also adults who may be illiterate and do not have knowledge on these types of diseases. Therefore they could be provided with this type of information on these types of illnesses from there local clinics of there local practice. They could ask their GP on information on such illnesses. These types of clinics also have leaflets and booklets regarding different illnesses for individual to take and read. There are also translated booklets and leaflets in a number of different languages made for those individuals who cannot read English again regarding different illnesses. For those who are illiterate could ask the nurse at the clinic to explain to them about a certain illnesses are the nurse will be able to provide them with more information. There are also different websites made on the internet for individuals all over the world to access and surf. ...read more.


The reason I think this is because my brother is a long time smoker and he decided to quit last year by taking the treatments which the doctor had provided him with, which was the nicotine patches and chewing gum and he had been taking them for over 2 to 3 months and said he didn't find them helpful or effective at all and now still is a heavy smoker. These are some of the ways individuals could educate themselves on Lung cancer and so have the knowledge on how to prevent it from happening. Personal lifestyle choices in the prevention of Lung Cancer Personal lifestyle choices can affect prevention of Lung cancer. For an example a persons social situation can affect the prevention of Lung cancer, like those who are born and bred in deprived areas and start socialising with uneducated groups of people who smoke and do drug use. This can influence the individual to have negative reinforcement from them as they think they are getting a pleasurable time for them lifestyle they are living. This could lead the individual to follow them and start smoking and taking drugs just like them. Parents from low social class may smoke to avoid stress as they may experience a lot of stress due to their job, financial reason or because of their living conditions. As the Acheson report suggests that those in low social economic classes are more likely to have poor health and are more likely to live in deprived areas. This shows that those who live in deprived areas and are from low social classes are more likely to smoke due to the bad company and stress they experience. The report also suggests that those in higher social classes are more likely to have better health, this shows that they are less likely to smoke. The reason I think this is because they have better and quality education whereas those in deprived areas are not as educated as much. ...read more.


Disadvantages and problems I will now list some of the disadvantages and problems which the NHS could experience while keeping up with their targets to help prevent HIV and Lung cancer. * The cost of keeping strategies going each year can be a problem for the NHS as each year they will have to spend a large amount of money to prevent people from receiving Lung cancer and HIV, if they do not keep up more patients may start coming in. the service could also lose their quality of care and people may start to consider them as an unstructured service. * The NHS and other care organisations will also need to spend large amounts of money on staff and resources this could again make it hard for the government to keep up with the costs each year as they will have to spend large amounts of money on resources, staff and etc... it may make it harder for them to spend money and keep up with other illnesses such as Diabetes, Tuberculosis (TB) and etc... If they do not keep up with other illnesses patients may start complaining and consider the NHS as being unfair and inconsistent. * The NHS also need to work harder on planning out different methods such as advertisements, leaflets, centers and etc... to help build the publics knowledge on such illnesses, so they are aware of the fact how important it is for them to prevent themselves from these illnesses. If they do not provide the public with this knowledge on such illnesses and show them how important it is for them to prevent these illnesses, no one would care about preventing themselves form obtaining such illnesses as they won't know much about the affects and outcomes of the illnesses. Furthermore the NHS resources and money that they have spent may go to waste as people will not be bothered in preventing themselves from experiencing such illnesses. 1 ...read more.

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