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Stress at Work.

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Stress at Work Stress related diseases are widespread among US workers. It is estimated that half of all doctors visits are due to stress related illness. Job stress contributes to spiraling health care costs. In fact, the United Nations labeled job stress "the 20th century disease". During the 18th and 19th centuries, they described the stress as a force or pressure exerted upon an object or a person. Stress is a naturally occurring experience that essential to our growth, change development for both at work and at home. Depending on the way stress is handled, it may have a bad effect on our health and mind, or it may have a good effect. If such thing as stress is exist, there must be a stressor, or a physical or physiological stimulus that encourage the onset of stress response. Problems at home may compound these issues when they are presented in an occupational situation. Stress may be caused by many different situations in the various environments as the part of our daily life. Some social stress factors can be measured by Life Crisis Units (LCU). This scale is used to help, but not to predict, an individual's susceptibility to stress that based on the stressors taking place in their life. ...read more.


Balance of the stressors seems to be the key! Role Ambiguity is a stress caused by unclear tasks to be done to fulfill a single role. Role Ambiguity involves a mismatch of a person's skills and knowledge. For example, an engineer is assigned to work as a production supervisor for an assembly operation instead of dealing with designs enhancements and process improvements. This can be so wrong to begin with because he will never ever learn something that is useful for his growth since he is not doing the task that match with his skill to come with. This is not good for both himself and his company that he works for. Role ambiguity demonstrated a negative relationship with performance rating There is an example of jobs where Role Conflict can be resulted in the stress. These jobs are highly stressful due to the multiple tasks that the individual needs to be performed, the danger / pressure involved, and the responsibility with no control over the environment. Those jobs for example are the Jobs Inter-city High School Teacher, Police, Officer, Miner, Air Traffic Controller, Medical Intern, Stock Broker, Journalist, Customer Service/Complaint Department, and Waitress/Waiter Secretary which brings me to my next point that the impact on an organization. ...read more.


Stress is the physical and/or psychological response to the demands made on the person. The relation between stress and productivity is portrayed as an inverse parabola because without some stress there would be no performance. As a human, we are a conformist, so when something change and we can't deal with the change, it means that we will have stress. There are other variable that relate to stress vulnerability, including emotional and social isolation, level of ability to perform jobs, bored, and physical health of the person itself that were not mention in most of the article. The costs of stress are absenteeism, diminished productivity, employee turnover, accidents, direct medical, compensation, and insurance fees. The Physical effects of the stress are often not apparent unless the stress results in an accident, whereas the psychological effects of stress are less frequent to be reported than the physical effects. Therefore, consequences of the stress can not really be measured. In conclusion, responses to stress depend on each individual. High job commitment correlates with fewer negative effects of stress and better coping skills to stressful situation. In contrast, lesser capabilities and skills to face role conflict, changes, bad relationship, and work overload result in stress that can be dangerous to an individual's health and safety. So we have role conflict, role ambiguity, and role overload. ...read more.

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