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Supporting and Safeguarding Adults

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐Health and Social Care National Extended Diploma Unit 11 ?All care homes should have CCTV?, says woman who used E120 covert camera to capture shocking footage showing nurse abusing and taunting her 92-year-old mother-in-law? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2950728/All-care-homes-CCTV-says-woman-used-120-covert-camera-film-nurse-abusing-poking-taunting-92-year-old-mother-law.html An elderly lady living in a dementia care home, Bridie Rees was shouted at and abused by a nurse she knew and trusted called Faderera Bello. Her family noticed bruises on body after a visit and set up a camera in her room, this caught on camera that Bello had been abusing Bridie. She was sentenced to four months in jail for an account of neglect. The relationship between this carer and her service user is an unsupportive one. Rights, respect and needs were all deliberately discounted by the professional. The service user's rights were not respected as under the human rights act she was abused and verbally degraded by the person who was to care for her. She also wasn't respected in the sense that her family pay money for her to be cared for and treated properly. The service users' needs were also not met as she needs to be happy, respected and safe in her home, however this was violated. This does not make a supportive relationship at all, as listening skills are also key but assumingly Bridie?s cries for help were dismissed This can have a very negative impact on the service user as she has now sustained physical injury from the abuse meaning bruises and other potential forms of harm, as well as possible trust issue that may have developed as a result. The carer was supposed to treat her respectfully and this wasn't the result, this can lead to her becoming is and upset due to the treatment she received. In the long term this could turn into depression and anxiety issues. Other effects of specifically physical abuse can develop into more serious problems such as self-mutilation, and a lack to live. ...read more.


the service users and finally confidentiality is one key essential as all information should be stored locked filing cabinet and shouldn't be shared with anyone in a else's apart from others who are qualified and have the professions to help in this case. Skills that are needed and are essential for use by professionals in a relationship are: * Ask about their feelings and listen * Don't offer advice without asking permission and you understand * Reflect back what you hear so they know you were listening * It is not a good idea to tie their feeling in with your own experience but question them about their feelings * Listen and do not be impatient to get a word in that drains * Pay attention to the people around you to notice any negative energy people or positive energy that makes people feel good as we all have different * Do not judge the situation and tell them what they should values Be empathetic by putting yourself in their shoes cannot go out on a planned * Be sympathetic even if you are disappointed that they evening out. * Communicate any differences in a sensitive way * Be emotionally honest which may mean being a little vulnerable Multi-agencies and Safeguarding Adults Multi-agency involves cooperation between several organizations, especially in crime prevention, social welfare programmes, or research. Having a multiple professionals involved in planning care and support for individuals helps to asses and work out, any issues surrounding the care of the individual that could?ve been missed. This is prevented by the use of different professionals who have different areas of expertise and knowledge. Another positive aspect of a multi-professional involvement means that different professions can advise and assist on the care needed to be done. Therefore balancing the care amongst a few individuals can mean that each factor affecting the individual is considered and dealt with effectively by the appropriate health care professionals. ...read more.


For example, if the staff had noticed any kind of abuse then they could have whistle blown or reported it to their management or supervising officers, this then should?ve been investigated. If it was reported and not found to be investigated upon then they should look into why an investigation did not happen as a result. Also in this particular example, Bridies human rights were not taken into account and violated by someone she was supposed to be able to trust. She was failed by the multi-agency team in this respect and will suffer as a consequence. This is a fault of every professional involved in the care of Bridie. Bello, the offender, should have had the appropriate training to know and understand that the actions she was taking agaisnt Bridie were wrong. This is partly the control and responsibility of the manager(s) at Snarebrook and of Bello. Overall, all professionals failed bridie in this because one, bridie was incompetant and unsuitible to care for her as a service user, two the managers of this home should have made sure that Bello was suitible and have checked the risk that she may or may not have been to the service users in the home and three any other professionals inviolved. E.g if a doctor was involved, did they notice the marks on her, did they report it asnd if so, why wasn?t it acted upon. Another example could be the other staff within the care home and whether ot not bello was the primary carer for Bridie. Also the superior staff at snarebrook could have had different preventative measures in place such as observations. If had observations of her work then mispractice may have been picked up on earlier or been prevented completley. Another safety measure could?ve been CCTV within the care home as this was not a procedure already in place. It had to come down to the family members of Bridie to catch out what was going wrong within this care home that caused a loved member of their family to become harmed. ...read more.

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