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Surgery - career guide for aspiring surgeons.

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SURGERY INFORMATION By Fouad El-Hibri 3A Content: * INTRODUCTION * WHAT THE CAREER INVOLVES * ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS * ESSENTIAL SUBJECTS * SPECIAL QUALITIES * HIGHER QUALIFICATION COURSES * WHERE DO SURGEONS WORK * IS IT SUITABLE FOR ME OR NOT * RESOURCES INTRODUCTION: Surgery is the branch of medicine concerned with manual or operative procedures, especially incisions into the body. The people who carry forth these procedures are called surgeons. Surgery is a very precise and difficult procedure. The surgery can be on the bones, organs or many other problematic parts of the body. Even animals. Surgeons usually work in a hospital, or maybe sometimes in special clinics which specialize in surgery. To become a surgeon, it must be given serious thought, to think through it carefully and to believe in yourself. This booklet will tell you everything you need to know about surgery. HAVE FUN!!!! What The Career Involves: Surgeons have to deal with a large variety of problems, such as blockages and artery clogging. Surgery is bone extracting, artery clogging and things that need replacing in your body for they are not working well or are hurting you. Surgery is operated on nearly every age, depending whether or not the patient is fit or healthy enough, for the procedure to be carried forth. ...read more.


The GCSE's must include: - * English Language * Mathematics * Science These aren't the exact requirements for they do vary. The typical; combination is about B and C. As for the three A Levels, they should be the following: - * Physics * Chemistry * Maths * Biology Physics and Maths sort of tie in together. In the UK, competition to become a surgeon is very fierce, more now days than ever. To be a surgeon the grades BBC are needed in A levels and to get into medicine AAB MUST be achieved. To be a charted surgeon, the surgery course would have to be attended for about years. All the costs for that course would be paid by the NHS. Essential Subjects: Biology: This is needed because you have to have the knowledge of the structure and the functions of multiple parts of the body, as well as where they are all positioned. Maths and Physics: These two subjects as I have already mentioned overlap each other. These subjects help surgeons with their procedures, by making them more precise, using measurements. Physics also helps the surgeon decide what methods to use in a procedure. Chemistry: This is needed to become more advanced and more knowledgeable, about being a surgeon. ...read more.


Check with individual training schools on the allocation of bursaries. There are alternative health courses applicable as well at university. Where Do Surgeons Work? Nearly all surgeons carry out operations and work in hospitals. They work in a special department in the hospital, especially for surgery. Some surgeons even leave the NHS and open up there own Health Service. This can sometimes be because they think that hospital environments are way to serious and scary. It makes the patients more scared. Suitable or Not? This career is very suitable for me because I like helping people get over problems, because I seem to get a lot of satisfaction out of it. I also think my personal quality of not minding the sight of blood or organs is quite important. This job would make me feel a better person. BUT At this stage of my life I would rather keep a wide range of options open in case I can't reach the expectations or something else tickles my fancy. All this research has made me think a lot about my future. At the moment, surgery is at the top of my list, however I still have a long way of school to go through first. Resources: * Internet ...read more.

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