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"Take This Life and Shove It"

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"Take This Life and Shove It" The wheel never stops, for as long as we keep running on it - the hamster wheel. We look at it and we wonder, "Why the hell do you hamsters enjoy this wheel so much?" Well, try to look at it from their perspective; maybe they don't like it so much. Maybe to them, we are the brainless animals running crazily on the wheel. Why wouldn't they think so? We choose to step onto the wheel, start it, and then struggle to catch up with it. This is what life has become today - a race on a ceaselessly rolling wheel (thanks to our fellows). Working into the wee hours every other night to get those assignments perfected, devising the lowest calorie and fat-free meal to keep the body trim. ...read more.


"School is not about marks, it's about the knowledge that we gain, the experience we gain from interaction." Yeah right, who are we trying to kid? We are implying that IBM doesn't care where we graduated from, Harvard doesn't look at our high school marks, and high school marks are not determined by the number of hours we spend on work. Is life that idealistic? No, it's realistic. Life is a chain of events that build the Domino effect. We screw up this stage, we say bye-bye to our future. Away from school we are bombarded with expectations from society, from the media. The air is filled with silent "don't do this's", "do that's" and "act like this's". Underlying these ideals is the message that people so often promote: "Just Be Youself." How...? ...read more.


When was the last time our mind was clear of thoughts? God, even the attempt to recall such a rare moment is already killing my brain cells. Look at the people around us - almost everyone is complaining about their lives, about the stress that is put on them. What do they say? "Take this life and shove it!" What do they do? Breakdown, cry, hit the wall, numb the mind with drugs, binge on food - everything, but turn away from the stress. No on is willing to jump off the hamster wheel. We yell for it to stop. We run some more; we speed it up. We yell for it to stop again and, in response, we run. How long will it take for us to realize the cycle? No doubt we are the lunatic in the hamster's eyes. ...read more.

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