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Team work and working with parents and children in a social care setting.

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B2 Discuss why team work is important within social care setting. Team work is important within a social care setting. Teamwork is something that needs to be taught in all settings that children are involved in. It is a set of skills and must be taught and practiced. The teamwork would be strengthened by respecting, encouraging, stimulating and caring for one another in the setting; not dictating to them. Creating an atmosphere of respect is essential in building a good team. This is because it will make a good team work effectively and the information can be shared well and consistently. ...read more.


If they are able to work with the child to their best potential and ability. Helping children to express their feelings can be good because it builds a better relationship. Safeguarding is important as it is a duty of care towards the children with who the practitioners have contact with and if children are able to express their feelings it can help the practitioner to maintain the safeguarding act. This is because children can tell if they are being hurt or show it for example having a scare or behaving differently. It will look after children's welfare and ensuring a safe environment. ...read more.


It would help the practitioner to work with the child by trying to make these needs of the child meet with letting them learn and develop. The practitioner can be important in giving child a sense of identity and also a stronger attachment with the child. The practitioner should always remember to let the children make their choices and decisions such as what they proffer to eat peas or carrots. The practitioner can help the stages of development and see if the child is at the right stage of development for their age. ''A key way in which you can meet the needs of children is by working closely with parents and carers. This is important across the early year's sector and has been shown to make a difference to the outcome of children. ...read more.

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