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The advantages and disadvantages of human cloning.

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The advantages and disadvantages of human cloning A clone is when two or more living things have identical DNA and genes. There are 3 different ways of cloning living things; the first two are for cloning plants. The first way is to take a cutting from the plant you wish to clone and dip it in rooting hormone for the cutting to develop its roots then you replant it and you have a clone. The other way would be to collect a few cells from the plant or a tissue sample and grow it on a special type of jelly like substance that will grow the plant. Then you will end up with an exact copy, or clone. The final method is how to clone a mammal. ...read more.


Another advantage, which is only a theory, is that skin cells could be grown for burn victims so that they could replace burnt skin. They believe they could grow brain cells for the brain damaged and grow spinal cells for the paralysed. Obviously if this were to happen then this would be a huge advantage. They also believe they could grow important organs such as livers, kidneys, lungs and even hearts. This would benefit us as a race hugely if this were to happen. A major bonus for infertile couples is that they would be able to have children through cloning. We could also clone bone marrow cells for people with leukaemia. This is again an obviously huge advantage. It would mean several diseases such as Alzheimer's could also be cured using this method, but this is only a theory. ...read more.


Clones that are produced may be seen as a lower class as they are not "real". They may be thought of as a copy and so can be treated badly although they have feelings like anyone else. Clones maybe bought and sold on the "black market" as slaves, or they maybe illegally produced to do specific jobs. As you can see from the reasons I have given for and against the cloning of humans, plants and human cells that the reasons for the approval of cloning are more but the reasons against are far more serious. We do not know enough about cloning at the moment and so I disagree with cloning at the moment while details are unclear. If certain answers were to be given to the disadvantages of cloning humans then I would be forced to reconsider my view on the cloning of humans. ...read more.

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