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The area of focus for this study will be health concerns in contemporary society and then more specifically on weight issues.

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Sally Yates 26th November 2002 Research Project AS - Unit 2 Section B The area of focus for this study will be health concerns in contemporary society and then more specifically on weight issues. This is an important area of study because we need to recognise and do something about the growing number of unhealthy people in the U.K. Now, places called 'Fat Camps' are being set up to help people become a safe weight and to teach them a healthy way of living. I am particularly interested in this area of study because it is becoming commonplace to see overweight people and I would like to find out more about it. I feel that there is not enough information about for us to access. From my reading into this area of sport I have found out that: more than 60% of adults don't get the recommended amount of regular exercise. 25% of adults are not active at all 23% of young men and 19% of young women are classed as over weight. 29% of girls and 44% of boys under the age of 15 do not take part in physical activity lasting 30mins outside organised sessions at school. 8% of boys and 7% of girls are now classed as obese. ...read more.


Plus it ensures that weight loss is maintained throughout the year. Due to the huge success of the 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 programmes it will be run again this year. It is for children aged between 11 and 18 who want to lose weight, adopt a healthier lifestyle for the future and make new friends over the summer. The workers at the camp have found that the children are confronted with psychological distress and have to fight against discrimination in all walks of life when they are large. The camp believes that strong preventative treatment in childhood can reduce risks in later life. Not only does it help them lose the weight but also to give them the necessary skills to maintain that weight loss in the future. All the children in the 2002 camp achieved weight loss, on average slimming down by approximately 4 pounds per week. . All this is achieved through a supervised programme of healthy eating, exercise and weight management. This also enables them to be more active and learn more. A typical day involves a range of activities from basketball to rock climbing and mountain biking, all taught by qualified coaches. As a result of this, the students fitness levels increased by as much as 20%. ...read more.


Its now becoming a serious concern that children will die before their parents. So now our society is becoming more geared up to making everybody overweight. Without places like the Leeds camp obesity really will become a major epidemic. Even though I have carried out extensive research over the last three months I can never be entirely sure to what degree the Leeds weight loss camp is effectively helping its pupils lose weight. If I was to carry on my study even further I would like to visit the camp and personally encounter how it works. Also I would find it very interesting to talk to some of its previous students and get first hand opinions from them. I do know that at the university they are carrying out further research into the camps effectiveness and I would be very interested to look into it. I would also like to study the US camps way of achieving weight loss and then compare it to the UK's way. From there I could try and find if just one weight loss camp in the UK is satisfactory, and maybe if another were needed, where in the country would it be situated. My final question would be to try and find out how more funding could be provided- maybe even look at the less wealthy families being subsidised from the Government. ...read more.

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