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The benefits of Indian head massage.

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P2 - Referral Physiological Effects The physiological effects in the Indian Head Massage helps to re-educate the body to rest and to relax, it improves the concentration, increases energy levels, passes on the feeling of well being, the barriers tend to break down and emotions may be released. The signs are mostly seen in the skin whereas the physiological status may be reflected by muscular tightness in the epidermis and dermis. The physiological effects include lower blood pressure and heart rate, releases lactic acid from the body, increases the blood flow to tissues and the lymph flow, stimulates the digestive system, urinary system and the small muscle fibres. The other effects include relaxation, improved sleep patterns particularly if the client is suffering with insomnia, stress relief - which is one of the reasons why Indian Head Massage has become a popular treatment in the workplace, stimulation of the mind which can make the client feel more often, relief of tension to headaches and eye strain and chakra balancing. ...read more.


The main functions of the skeletal are to provide a means of protection, support and attachment for the muscles. It is very important to a therapist as it provides landmarks for locating muscles. Indian Head Massage can help to make the parts of the skeletal system such as the shoulders and the neck more mobile by reducing restrictions in the joints, muscles and their fascia. Effects on the Muscular System The muscular system covers the bones on the outside and connective system which attaches muscles to the bones of the skeleton. It helps to give the body its contoured shape. It has three main functions which are to movements, maintenance of posture and the production of heat. A muscular tension is often a sign of emotional as well as physical stress. Indian Head Massage can help to relieve pain from tight, sore muscles as well as to relieve muscular fatigue, by increasing the blood flow which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrition into the muscles and encourages elimination of waste, absorbing the products of fatigue. ...read more.


It contains billions of interconnecting neurones, which are designed to transmit nerve impulses. It helps to receive stimuli from sensory organs by heat, cold, pain, taste, smell, sight and hearing. It is important for the therapist to have a basic knowledge of the nervous system to understand its effects - inducing relaxation and minimising pain. Client experience the effects of massage on their muscular tension via the sensory nerves used in Indian Head. The massage helps the clients to become aware of specific areas of tension and can thereby initiate relaxation and reduce the unconscious motor message (of tension) to the muscles. It is activated at times of anger, fright, anxiety or any type of emotional upset whether real or imagined. It helps to decrease the effects of the nervous system whilst stimulating parasympathetic activity to promote relaxation and reduce stress hormones such as cortisol by activating the relaxation process. Indian Head Massage is also thought to increase serotonin levels which can help to decrease stress levels of depression. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC Beauty Therapy Sciences 11/12/08 Unit 19 Indian Head Massage Assignment 1 Page | 1 ...read more.

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