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the cost of cigarette smoking on human health

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As many people know, smoking is extremely bad for the human body. Smoking causes several diseases, the main disease being lung cancer. There are said to be 69 caner causing chemicals inside a standard cigarette (www.canceresearchuk.org 05/01/2007). Smoking can cause many diseases, but people still choose to smoke. There is no reason to need to smoke. People who smoke cause people around them to smoke as well without realizing it. The smoke goes down into their lungs and causes build ups of tar around the alveoli and down the airways to the lungs. Tar is a term that describes a collection of solid particles that smokers inhale when they light a cigarette. It is a mixture of lots of chemicals, many of which can cause cancer. (www.cancerresearchuk.org 06/01/2007) Nitrogen oxide can constrict the airway, causing the lungs to do more work than usual. One of the most deadly chemicals for humans is in a cigarette, arsenic. It can cause cancer as well as damaging the heart and its blood vessels. ...read more.


(http://www.smoke-free.ca 06/01/2007) Many other organs are also affected by cigarette smoke; these include the nose, mouth, larynx, lungs, liver, stomach, kidney and the bladder. (www.cancerresearchuk.org 05/01/2007) the smoke, when first inhaled, mainly only irritates the eyes, mouth and nose. But as you carry on smoking the smoke damages the cells lining your airways. Average adult lungs contain about 750 million alveoli, which can be affected by smoking. (A new introduction to biology 16/01/2007) All of the organs listed can also develop cancer. Cigarette smoke may cause your life expectancy to decrease. For example being a smoker at the age of 30 cuts a man's life expectancy by 51/2 years, and a woman's by more than 61/2 (Nigel Hawkes, 20th April 2005, the times) . Many of the chemicals in cigarettes are actually addictive. This means that the smoker could easy be hooked and may become dependant on cigarettes, using them to relieve stress and such like. Nicotine is the main drug that is addictive in cigarettes. ...read more.


throw away about 20 million cigarette packets and about 300 million butts every day (www.whoschoosing.org.uk (16/01/2007). Most of the time smokers just throw their butts on the floor, not even thinking about who has to clear it up or what potential hazards it could cause. For example; a rat in a sewer could swallow the cigarette butt and choke. This litter can be reduced by simply giving up smoking. Also if the cigarette hasn't been extinguished properly then it could cause a fire. The smoldering cigarette butt only has to be near some sort of 'fuel' and the next thing you know you have a large scale fire on your hands. To conclude, if you actually sit down and think about it, smoking kills. Overall smoking is estimated to be responsible for approximately 30% of cancer deaths in developed countries, that is, over 46,000 deaths in 2002 in the UK. (www.cancerresearchuk.org 06/01/07) I think that people who smoke are not really thinking. The information to show that smoking kills is readily available pretty much everywhere. And the information in this essay also supports this argument. Smoking causes global suffering to millions of people, which could and should be stopped. ...read more.

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