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The Effects of Smoking.

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THE EFFECTS OF SMOKING BY BILAL ALI What is Smoking? Smoking, in general, is the voluntary inhaling of smoke from cigarettes, cigars or pipes. In current times, many people, young and old, are taking up smoking cigarettes. This trend is consistent worldwide. However, dramatic recent changes in the marketing of cigarettes and the emphasis on health risks of smoking has meant that people are more familiar with the health risks that smoking brings. Many hundreds of years ago, when tobacco companies first started out and cigarettes where first marketed and sold, there was at once a great surge of people who began smoking. Cigarettes, cigars and pipes were a major part of the Hollywood film industry in that many film stars started to smoke them. At that time it was almost impossible to see if smoking was a health risk, so people who did smoke were unaware of the health hazards that are known today. The fact that film stars were smoking had a major influence on the general public to smoke. This was the major start of the increase in smoking that would influence many generations to come to smoke. ...read more.


There is evidence to suggest that passive smoking has the same effect on the lungs of a non-smoker as in a smoker. For this reason, smoking has become banned in public areas. Non-smokers involuntarily inhale smoke from other people's cigarettes, which sometimes causes them eye, nose or throat irritation, in addition to coughing and sneezing. Studies have shown that non-smokers who live in the same house as a smoker has almost twice the risk of developing lung cancer as a non smoker who lives in a smoke free-environment. As now evident smoking causes many health hazard diseases which affect many people, in general - smokers, non-smokers, and even unborn children. If the risks of smoking are so great, why do people who smoke and know of the hazards still continue to smoke? Why do smokers spend hundreds of pounds a year to fuel their addiction? It is not possible to give one main reason why people smoke. There are many reasons and these reasons do vary from person to person. However, one reason that is consistent throughout is the fact that many people are addicted to the nicotine in the tobacco. ...read more.


In conclusion to this, I believe that ultimately smoking has a negative effect on a person despite what the short-term pleasures may be. The fact that smoking has now been scientifically proven to have a link with many diseases makes it evermore likely that people who do smoke will eventually become susceptible to these diseases. The fact that smoking does not only harm the person who is smoking but people around him/her shows the extreme and very serious health risks that smoking brings about. Lack of education and understanding of young people of the long term implications of the effects of smoking, especially at an early age, is a major factor for the increase in teenage smoking. I strongly believe that the government, health advisors etc should strongly advise young people to not to start smoking and try to encourage them to resist the early temptations of smoking that they are so readily exposed to. This would be far more beneficial, in my opinion, as in the long-term it would be very difficult to break a smoking habit and to live without something that someone has been dependant and addicted too for many years. BILAL ALI HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY AND HEALTH - ESSAY- BEVERLEY EARLEY THE EFFECTS SMOKING 1 ...read more.

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