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The Long gun Registry

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The Long Gun registry Gun owners have to register their arms with the government. In addition to this, once registered, I believe, gun owners were legally allowed to purchase ammunition. As well, more importantly, all gun owners had to register their arms by midnight December 31, 2002. All of this sounded like a good system to me. It turned out the registry was created to prevent such crimes like the one in Montreal several years ago. In 1989, 14 students in an all-women medical school were brutally gunned down and killed. Crimes like these have no place in the world, at least that's what I think. ...read more.


As far as hand guns go, there always has been and always will be a very strict licensing procedure for these types of firearms. Even if the Long Gun Registry is shot down, it does not mean there will be no gun control in Canada. Yes, people will be buying guns illegally. That's why we have policemen and RCMP to keep our country safe. It doesn't matter if the gun is registered or not. You can still go into a store with a registered gun and use it as a killing weapon. Criminals do not register their guns, so the costly registry is only providing information on honest, law-abiding citizens. ...read more.


In conclusion, I would like say that having your shotgun or any type of gun registered is a very wise decision that will save many people's lives. Thank You. Describing the Picture 1. A masked man wants to rob a bank. 2. The masked man has a registered gun and is trying to rob the bank, in the day time because that's the time the people work. 3. "Relax.... Its Registered" is talking about the guy having a robbing a bank with a registered gun in his hands. 4. If he didn't have a gun, then he would be arrested immediately. But he's a lucky guy, he's holding a gun. 5. Shaded part covers the robber's face so they can't know who he is. 6. The robber. ...read more.

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