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The Meanings of Physical Activity and Health

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The Meanings of Physical Activity and Health Preliminary Core 1: Joshua McKinnon 11r4 For this project, I interviewed 3 other people than myself, and also quizzed myself using the questions. Using 20 questions, I attempted to cover all the main points on people's meanings of physical activity and health. Out of the four people surveyed, two were male and two were female. Two were of Australian origin, and two were of Chinese origin. A definite range can be seen through all four people, but similarities can be seen. The main similarity it seems is that all the people that took the quiz have a high level of education. It seems that all of the survey participants have a deeper understanding of physical activity & health and it's affects on their bodies. All participants recognised the same types of foods as "fatty" and all participants fell sick less than 3 times a year. All participants saw mental fitness as a major contributor to their health. There were few differences in class, sex or age. The differences between the people are hard to explain, as all people are different and it's hard to find major differentiating factors. One health factor that differentiated greatly was the importance of social fitness. Each person defined their own health differently, and spent largely different amounts of time socialising. ...read more.


To properly explain the effects of these social constructs, generalisations need to be made. These generalisations have been assumed from the results of the surveys and from observations on society in Sydney. Here are a few points on each social construct: Adolescents are less likely to care about health or physical activity as a means of staying alive. This is because adolescents are generally fitter than adults, and can recover from sickness and maintain fitness easier. If one's peers are adolescents, then a person may be affected in believing that they do not need to take much care of their health, and may develop bad habits that lead into adulthood. The family has a very strong influence on a person's health and physical activity, especially during their childhood years. This is because the parents control all finance, all out of school sport and almost entirely control diet. If a person is raised in a family with little physical activity, the person may find it more difficult to begin regular physical activity at an older age. Family is a very important lead up to social health as well. Males are more likely to participate in physical activity. This can be affirmed because females are raised with the stereotype that they are more delicate than males, and media sources often put forward the idea of dieting over physical activity in their texts. ...read more.


Environment plays a part in determining our physical activity if it's an outdoor exercise. Environment is an undeniable factor to health. Depending on the religion, it probably will have a good affect on a person's health. Many religions look down on alcohol and drugs, deeming them bad for the soul. Also, it gives good spiritual health to a person, giving them something to look towards. Religion is a staple part of many peoples lives and affects their health in sub-conscious ways. A person's access to services is important, mostly in health as opposed to physical activity. If you have access to social services such as friend's networks, then you can improve your social health. If you have access to a health club services, your physical health will most probably improve. Access to services is heavily linked with income as many services require money. These were just examples of the many factors that add to a person's meanings of health and physical activity. Each of these factors combine to make a person's views on health and what is important to each and every one of them. Even if a person shares the exact same views for most of these points, just one difference in views makes someone totally separate when it comes to their meanings of health. In conclusion, everyone's views are different. What makes a person's view on health and physical activity different are the small factors and different types of influence that they receive in their life. ...read more.

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