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The Principles Underpinning the Role of the Practitioner Working with Children

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Unit 5 Assignment- The Principles Underpinning the Role of the Practitioner Working with Children (E1) What are the responsibilities of the practitioner in professional relationships? Respect parents views as they are the main carers and first educators of the child. Consider all parents wishes and offer them high standards for their child. Listen to their views and concerns. As well as talking to parents you should respect confidentiality. As you may come across sensitive information, and learners need to be aware of legislation within the setting they are in. The Data Protection Act 1998 protects individual rights and helps prevent information spreading. ...read more.


Many children go into early years nervous and afraid as they may be leaving their parents for the first time. Practitioners should enable a stimulating environment as its makes the child feel welcomed. A practitioner needs to be able to understand which activities will help children to develop as well as being able to support them in a range of situations. (E2) Issues which contribute to maintaining professional relationships with children and adults When talking with parents you need to be careful in what way you approach them and what you say. Practitioners should always respect parents views and consider their wishes as they know the child best. ...read more.


The benefits of these are for confidentiality to protect children and their families from sensitive information spreading into the wrong hands and from people getting hurt. Policies and procedures also protect the children in the setting by having a sign in procedure so anyone can see who has been in the setting and why. (E3) What is the value of a multi professional approach when working with children and parents? Multi professional approach is when teams of professionals work together to meet needs of children. The teams of professionals make partnerships with outside agencies and services such as speech therapists, educational psychologists and many more, by this approach the needs of children and their families will be met. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

This essay is a good start but lacks any real explanation of how the factors stated contribute towards the practitioner role. A little more research, putting the ideas into context and examples would really enhance this essay.

Marked by teacher Sam Morran 01/04/2013

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