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The reasons why the licensing hours should be extended?

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The reasons why the licensing hours should be extended? Nick Livingston Miss Murphy "Given that the majority of people in Scotland drink sensibly and responsibly, the licensing system should be as free from restrictions as possible". The Nicholson Committee argue that people should be free to drink as they please without the government imposing laws on the public, which make Scotland, seem like a "nanny state". Britain's licensing laws are archaic and therefore shouldn't apply nowadays. The majority of pubs shut at eleven o'clock and this results in many problems, which an extension of hours would solve. A typical Saturday night in Glasgow frequently ends in trouble, and we, as caring human beings should strive to do anything in our power to halt this anarchic behaviour which includes fights, rapes and murders. Statistics being studied by the Home Office show that half of city centre arrests after eleven o'clock are linked to violent crime prompted by drunkenness. If the licensing hours were extended then there would be fewer people on the street at the one time. This is because some people would leave early to go to clubs therefore customers wouldn't all leave at the same time and be among as large a group of people as previosuly. ...read more.


For Scotland to become more civilised in its attitude towards alcohol and behave in a more grown up way a change in these hours is absolutely essential. Take Spain for example, an extremely family orientated country. People there don't drink to get drunk they drink to socialise in a civilised fashion. I feel that Scotland needs to adopt this same attitude if it is to escape the stigma of being a binge drinking, unhealthy nation. Shorter licensing hours doesn't stop binge drinking it promotes it. Good habits start when you are young and so do attitudes. Invest in education, and teach the children about the dangerous effects of alcoholism just as they do in Spain and other such countries. Show the children what alcoholism can produce. Scare them. Then and only then will this country lose its tarnished reputation. Many Scots work long or unsocial hours and as a result can't induldge in a pint or two at their local. "Work Hard, Play Hard" as the phrase goes. The people of Scotland do work extremely hard. In this country we have one of the longest working weeks worldwide. ...read more.


It has been proved by scientists that an alcoholic drink every day in moderation can cut the risk of heart attacks by a third. Extending the licensing hours, giving more people the option to drink at a time suitable to them, will, according to the evidence presented by the scientists, have a beneficial effect on the nations health. So there we are. Having longer to drink does not and will not contribute to binge drinking. Having a drink will infact help us. In conclusion replacing Scotland's anachronistic licensing laws to have longer to drink would help reduce alcohol related crime on a Friday or Saturday night dramatically. This is incredibly advantageous. The health of the nation would improve as binge drinking would eventually dwindle away into obscurity and Scotland would adopt the same attitudes towards alcohol as the Europeans have. This is also benificial. Moreover the morale of the public would improve as they wouldn't have to cut a night out short just because the pub has to close. This would certainly be desirable. It is going to be a long, hard but ultimately worthwhile struggle to change Scotland's drinking culture and improve their lives as a whole but an extension of the licensing hours will help and not hinder this cause. Word Count : 1037 ...read more.

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