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The rights of service users are the same as anybody else as far as health, social care and early years provision is concerned.

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Task 1 Task 1A Fostering Rights In order to have met the care value base, it is essential, that the service users receive their full rights. The rights of service users are the same as anybody else as far as health, social care and early year's provision is concerned. Despite the fact that they may be a person who lives in a residential home or nursing home, or go to hospital to receive treatment, it does not mean that they are less privileged, when it comes to rights, then anybody else who are not service users. It is important that the service users receive rights because part of part of providing quality care is to make sure that service users rights are maintained. Because of this reason care workers should never act in a way which may prevent the service users from receiving their rights. Care workers need to make sure that the service users are empowered, that is to let them manage their own lives and make their own decisions. Even if a person is frail or unable to look after themselves it doesn't mean that they cannot receive their rights. Some service users may need help to make sure the rights are maintained. ...read more.


Also all children have different means of entertainment and so would need different activities so that they would all be entertained and have an opportunity to do activities that suit their needs and ability. They children would also have a choice in which they parents choose when to take and bring their children to and from the nursery. They would have a choice to come in either the afternoon or morning session. The opening times are Monday to Friday between 7.45am till 6pm. The parents have a choice in what time they want the child to enter and leave the nursery. Most shifts are either the morning, afternoon or all day. This is because the times are according to the times of the parents and when they are free so that the children are occupied. The parents also have a choice as to how and when they pay the fees. They can choose to pay, Full day, Full week, mornings and afternoons. The full day fee is, �26.00, the full week fee is �120.00, morning only (this includes 2 course lunch) is for �17.00, afternoons only (includes light tea). This is so that the parents can pay at their preferred times. Rights to protection Quality care in a care setting involves providing protection. ...read more.


A way in which a child can be protected is by keeping the files in a locked file. This way no one get a hold of the records. Task 1B The care workers support the service users in bambino's nursery to maintain their rights. There is a number of ways in which this can be done such as giving up to date info, using effective communication, speaking on behalf of service users who are unable to do so for themselves, seeking support, providing information on complaints procedure and challenging discriminatory behaviour. Effective communication Communication is vital as, if the children don't understand what is being said to them they will be unable to respond or process any information that is given, or the reply given may be irrelevant. Care workers must, speak clearly and listen carefully when orally communicating with children who may become confused or maybe even angry. Other influencing skills that contribute to effective oral communication are; pace, tone vocabulary, body language, listening and appearance. Carers need to remember when communicating that words can mean different things to different people. Since the children have a different vocabulary as it is much simpler, the carer would need to use the appropriate vocabulary. Care workers have a responsibility not to talk down to people as this may patronise them. Support can be provided by be ?? ?? ?? ?? Saffiyyah Karolia Task 1 Unit 1 ...read more.

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