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The Role of Health Education in Health Promotion

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The Role of Health Education in Health Promotion The role of health education in health promotion is: To empower the individual Through education So that, that person can use that knowledge To make informed choices and decisions Regarding their own personal health for the better This allows the individual to become autonomous, giving the person Freedom to make their own choices Giving back control regarding their own health and well being The Role of one agency in Health Promotion Introduction Before we talk about the agency Diabetes UK, we'll give an outline on diabetes. Diabetes is a condition in which there's an excessive amount of glucose(sugar) in the blood. This occurs when the body can't use glucose properly because of a lack of insulin or when the insulin doesn't work properly. There are two types of diabetes: Type 1(insulin-dependent)diabetes occurs when the body is unable to produce any insulin. Type 2(non-insulin dependent)diabetes occurs when the body produces insulin but it doesn't work properly or there isn't enough. Now on to the agency Diabetes UK. The Diabetic Association was set up in 1934 by novelist HG Wells and Dr RD Lawrence - both of whom had diabetes. The radical charity they founded aimed to ensure that everyone in the UK could gain access to insulin, whatever their financial situation. It became known as the British Diabetic Association in 1954. ...read more.


listing all the symptoms and saying about the free testing. Firstly, you would be asked if you was under 16 or pregnant. In these cases you would be referred straight to your G.P. Then you would fill in the request form for a diabetes test and have a random test done, if the result is below 6, your likely not to have diabetes and no further action is needed unless it is felt you need to change your lifestyle,(e.g exercise,drinking and eating habits) they will give you some suggestions on this. If its above 6, you will need to get another test done, called a fasting test. For this you have nothing to eat or drink for at least 10 hours. If this result is over 7, you probably have diabetes and they would refer you to your doctors. Here is a request form for the test to be done. Who Was The Campaign Targeting? Targeting people who feel they may fit some or all of the symptoms suggested, narrows the field and helps to yield a higher positive diagnosis rate. (If you fit the criteria, you are more likely to have diabetes, rather than simply asking everyone and anyone to have a test done). Although not made completely clear by the campaign, you do have to be over 16/not pregnant to partake in the free testing. How effective was the promotion? ...read more.


Coincidence? Maybe, but doubtful! Company Profits This next slide shows the profits of the company owned by Lloyds Pharmacies over the last few years. A cynic may suggest that providing primetime TV advertisements from a NGO regarding public health issues and convincing the public to look inwardly to any health anomalies they may have, and to self assess for any ailments, which may just be a result of normal living, could be seen as a sinister attempt to encourage customers through the doors at Lloyds, who incidentally would cater for all your drug and product treatment needs with an array of profitable products on display to choose from in any one of their 1520 stores located nationwide. Is it all about profit? Well selling sun glasses does I suppose, provide a tenuous link to health promotion, eye safety, UV rays and all that but Where does photo processing fit into health care? These items and many more are found in nearly all Lloyds Pharmacies. Summary The health campaign run by Lloyd's Pharmacy was beneficial to public health and successfully raised the profile and awareness of diabetes. It sent out a clear message (if you are suffering any of the listed symptoms, come and have a test). 750,000 people have been tested since the campaign has been run, proving a substantial impact. This type of campaign had a good public response and demonstrates the effectiveness of primetime TV advertisements. The longer-term health promotion should continue through education and further health promotions to continue the assessment and monitoring of diabetes. ...read more.

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