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There are many theories that involve communication to help improve interactions. They are structure of interaction, listening skills and communicating cycle, SOLER principles, group structures and group information. The two theories I am going to discuss

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Communication theories There are many theories that involve communication to help improve interactions. They are structure of interaction, listening skills and communicating cycle, SOLER principles, group structures and group information. The two theories I am going to discuss are the structure of interaction and SOLER principles. Structure of interaction In a structure of interaction normally there are three steps procedures which are beginning, middle and end. A particular theorist view was not stated in my research which is why it has been explained in scenarios of the structure of interaction. The format style is having a starting point by acquainted, starting off a conversation creating the right atmosphere for the communicator to feel comfortable in creating the right emotions. Showing characteristics of being friendly calm and interested in what the communication is going to be about. The middle part of the interaction is about the more revelation of the interaction. The middle contains the most important pointers for a communication as it involves listening, expressing and understanding. These aspects have to be considered so that the interaction is successful between two people. Finally the end of the conversation is all about showing that they have listened to each other. ...read more.


This will have more effect on the child because they may be not confident to share / express their feelings which can withhold information with the teacher. If there is a lack of expression when communicating with each other then there would also be a lack of understanding of child development in the nursery. SOLER principles SOLER communication is an acronym that helps guide service provider within care settings when discussing information that may be particularly sensitive to the service users. It is a non-verbal communication listening techniques and it can be very effective depending on the situation and the individuals involved. Egan presented many 'basic skills like micro skills that can help improve an interaction by creating a feeling of involvement or understanding presence when working with another person'. He also thought that it is important that service providers show that they care and empathise with the people that they are caring for in order for them to create a good relationship. The SOLER acronym stands for; SQUARELY- this is mainly to do with body orientation. When facing individual they need to face squarely so that the person is felt that they are involved in the communication. ...read more.


by keeping a fixed face to face communication, the teacher only lean in when something is said to be private so that it is kept confidential. Eye contact is seldom use as some teacher don't communicate as often. If the theories are not being focused in the care setting then there may be uneasiness for some of the people. The most important is that children need comfort and attention for them to feel comfortable. If the teacher does not use an open posture and has a very bad tense atmosphere around then the child would feel uncomfortable resulting in communication less and would not build an effective relationship with the teacher. If the teacher does not lean in at appropriate times the children may feel that interest is lost in the conservation as the teacher is leaning back at times. This may have a negative effect on the children as they might think that the teacher does not like them. The teachers need to make an eye contact with the students; if they don't make an eye contact then it would be very hard for the teacher to measure whether the children are paying attention which can mean that concentration of the child can be lost which can lead to lack of understanding to the matter. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This piece of work describes two theories of communication. The first theory needs to be expanded further and more detail needs to be added. Overall, the second theory has been described well. The writer has managed to apply both theories to a teachers' practice and highlights their importance in maintaining care values when working with children. However, more examples are required and grammar needs to be checked.
Star rating: 3

Marked by teacher Renata Andrzejewska 30/11/2013

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