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These are the life stages of the late Jade Cerisa Lorraine Goody

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´╗┐Unit 4 ? Lifestages These are the life stages of the late Jade Cerisa Lorraine Goody and in this assignment I will be writing on the following stages of her life. Conception: Jackiey budden and Jade Goody?s father Andrew Robert Goody had been in a relationship and they had decided to have a baby. The sequence begun with Jade Goody?s father ejaculating during copulation, which followed the release of an ovum from Jade Goody?s mother Jackiey budden ovary which is referred as ovulation. Jade?s father had then fertilized his sperm in Jade?s mother?s ovum, which is called fertilization. In some rare cases some women are born without ovaries which cause complications and they cannot have children therefore there is another option which is IVF which may cost; also men may have complications too for e.g. sperm deficiency which may be a barrier for men to not have children. However Jackiey and Andrew were fully able to conceive and have a baby. * The image shows the sperm fertilizing in the egg When the fertilization has taken place, the nuclei is then formed this is a first cell of a new life. The cell then moves gradually into the fallopian tubes to the uterus and attaches onto the lining of the uterus which is called implantation. With this cell it will eventually grow and develop into Jade. ...read more.


At this stage Jade could start to crawl and grab hold of objects and her toys at this period of time she was exploring in her new little world wit her parents so anything she would see she would grab hold of it and look at it and play with it. Jade reached the age of 1 and she had developed a lot of skills over the months she could communicate more with her parents and others which was brilliant. Jade had picked up a few common words that most babies pick up for e.g. ?Mama? and ?Dada?. At this stage Jade knew full well who her parents were and she could stand up straight and walk a little but then fall over as she wasn?t fully able to walk she would stand against something to keep her balance to prevent her from falling and hurting herself. Jade knew what not to do as her parents would change their tone of voice if she did something naughty she automatically knew it was wrong and she wouldn?t repeat it again. This shows she knew what would anger her parents which was a good thing as her brain had fully developed and she would understand. At this age babies are very attached to their mothers and would hang onto them all the time and wouldn?t want their mothers to disappear at all as they would automatically think their mother isn?t going to come back. ...read more.


In 2003 she made another public appearance in the Big Brother show. Also she had her first baby boy in 2003 named Bobby and she brought him up in Upshire a village in Essex. In 2004 she had another baby boy named Freddie. After 4 years in 2007, Jade was on the Big Brother show where she was accused of racial remarks and bullying towards her housemate ?Shilpa Shetty? the Indian actress. Jade had then admitted her actions had been wrong and she made public apologies. In 2008 Jade had appeared on the Indian ?Big Boss? which was the Indian version of Big Brother however she left that and returned to the UK after being told she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. In February 2009 after the cancer was diagnosed, she was told that it was terminal which meant it was not curable. Jade had married her boyfriend Jack Tweed on the 22nd of February 2009. Final life stage: Jade had sadly passed away a month after her wedding, in the early hours of 22nd of March 2009. Jade had left all her loved ones behind her little boys Bobby and Freddie. Their lives had been turned upside down as their mother had left them they were absolutely devastated. The final ever episode of Big Brother on Channel 4 featured a 15 minute tribute to Jade Goody hailing her as the ultimate Big Brother contestant. This was the end of Jade Goody?s life she had left everything behind all her loved ones could do is hang onto the good memories with her. ...read more.

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