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This assessment is about health and safety in the environment. For the P5 criteria there is a survey on a local playing area that has several uses. There is also a timescale for repairs

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Page 2 Introduction Page 3 P5 Page 12 M2 Page 14 D2 Page 16 Bibliographies Appendix Image 1 An effective image of health & safety measures This assessment is about health and safety in the environment. For the P5 criteria there is a survey on a local playing area that has several uses. There is also a timescale for repairs. The M2 makes suggestions for the repairs and the D2 is justification of the recommendations. There are also two other grading criteria's, P6 & M3. The P6 is a demonstration of first aid and the M3 is a demonstration of first aid skills on a critically injured person. Image 2 A demonstration of cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) P5 Carry out a health and safety survey of a local environment used by a specific patient/service user group For the main survey and the repair timescale please see appendix 1 and 2. Image 3 Ariel image of playing fields I decided to do my risk assessment at a local playing field that has several facilities as I thought I would be able to achieve more from it. There is also a good selection of service users. The image above shows the overall area and should help when explaining what the individual risks are and I have highlighted and numbered the areas to make the explanation easier to follow. Although I am going to explain in detail what the risks are and whom they could affect you can see from the photos that it was a sunny day. ...read more.


The gate has no lock on it even though there is the facility to use one. The steps have slip resistant wire mesh on them but no handrails on either side. The bolt is also quite rusty. I have categorised this as a high risk due to that fact that the steps lead to the fishing lake. I also think that the steps themselves are a health and safety issue. I think the possibility of a serious injury or even death is equally as high at any one specific time of year. The reason I think this is although during the winter there might not be so many children about the lake might freeze over and the children might think it safe enough to go ice-skating on. M2 Assess the risk associated with the use of chosen local environment and make recommendations for change With the first risk (damaged high fence) it suggests that the repair be done within 3 months but I would suggest that the fence is fixed sooner. This is because there are a lot of potential accidents from various activities. I also think that the high fencing would be better served if it went all the way around the football pitch and the cricket pitch. The reason I think this is all the facilities are all within close proximity. The fencing goes around the bowls green and therefore gives no protection to any child playing in the play area from either footballs or cricket balls. With the second risk (damaged swing) ...read more.


There is another Act that I think is appropriate to use and that is the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 "Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among children ages 14 and under, with children under age 5 at the highest risk. Many drowning's and near drowning's occur when children are left unattended by a pool, pond or in the bath. The majority of all drowning's and near drowning's occur between May and August. Its also a fact that the drinking of alcohol plays a large part in drowning in adults, and the consumption of alcohol should be avoided at all costs if you intend swimming of any kind". (Fire service) As teenagers use the area quite frequently my recommendations to have this risk rectified as soon as possible did not seemed unreasonable but since I have researched the death toll in more depth it has become imperative that action should be taken even more urgently. There is another Act that I think could cover several of the risks called The Environment Act 1995. I think this Act is usefull as section 32 states "General environmental and recreational duties." Which has a sub section that cover hedges, I'm not too sure if this covers perimiter fences such as the low fence in risk 3 but in my opinion it should. There is far too many legislations for me to look at them thorougly but If only some of the one that I have highlited were enforced the recreational area would be a much safer place to visit. Bibliographies Image 1, 2 & 3, Google images Image 4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10 Michelle Mahon's images http://www.durham.gov.uk/durhamcc/usp.nsf/?open http://www.encams.org/aboutus/main.asp?pageid=8&sub=1 http://www.fireservice.co.uk/safety/watersafety.php http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts 17 ...read more.

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