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This essay is compose of four domains. The four domains I will be reflecting on are professional and ethical practices, care delivery, care management and personal/professional development.

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Cohort: January 04 Branch: Mental Health Module: 3 Introduction This essay is compose of four domains. The four domains I will be reflecting on are professional and ethical practices, care delivery, care management and personal/professional development. I will also demonstrate my achievement of learning I gained during my six weeks clinical placement in the Acute Mental Ward. I will demonstrate the relationship between practice and the competencies observed whilst in the ward and relate this to theory such as the importance of communication, dignity, respect and safety and how this affects patient care. (Nicol et al 2004). Definition Dewey (1933) defined reflection as the process of internally examining and exploring an issue of concern, triggered by an experience which creates and clarifies meaning in terms of self, and which results in a changed conceptual perspective. (Burnard Philip.1995). Reflection is described as noticing or becoming aware of what you are doing, as you are doing it. Reflection can also be seen as the idea of learning through experience. Burnard (1995) referred to reflection as a process which involves the practitioner being aware of his or her own psychological, cognitive and behavioral state. Jarvis (1991) mentioned that reflective practice is an essential part of nursing as a professional activity. He also point out that although nursing tends to be a highly structured and ritualized activity, mentors and supervisors can help neophyte nurses develop reflective skills. He also suggests that reflective practice can help nurses grow both professionally and personally. In nursing, reflection try to identify the true value and meaning of our actions in order to qualify, enhance or discard them and to enable us to replicate them appropriately to their best effect in future interactions. Each situation reflected on must be treated as a unique event if the maximum learning is to be gained. Hogston and Simpson (2002). The first day of my six week placement, I was introduced to the acute ward by my mentor. ...read more.


Hinchliff et al (2003). Example if patient wants to give up smoking because is bad for his health or not bother. Communication form a very important and essential part of a good practice NMC guidelines for professional practice (2002). Arnold and Boggs (1999) also state that communication with colleagues and patients is an important fundamental requirement for improving patient care. Walsh (1991) states that high priorities occur in physiological and psychological needs, intermediate priorities involve non-emergency, non-life-threatening needs and low priorities may not be directly related to a specific illness or prognosis. The short-term therapeutic aims for patients were to minimize the extent of any harm and distress, to help them overcome safely any dependency to the drugs they were taking and to facilitate the development of their coping skills. Due to my concern, I asked him if he is aware of the implication of not having proper amount of medicine. Being very clear about the consequences, I further reinforce this and explain that because of his aggression other patients are afraid that he may hurt them. He told me the medicine has made him impotent and he does not want to take it continually. I have advice him to tell the doctor about the side effect but he declined. According to his culture he fined it very difficult to talk about his private life. The client believes that I would not reveal his information, he told me not to tell any one, he will tell the doctor in his own time. I reported this to my mentor as I think there is a risk that he may harm others or endanger himself, to protect others I felt it would be better for the registered nurse to persuade him to tell his doctor to review his medication. The Code of Professional Conduct NMC (2002) supports the practicing and registered nurses and argues that confidentiality can be overridden if it is in the public interest. ...read more.


This means I made sure that the place is safe, hygienic and that the equipments and activities that are provided are suitable for the needs of the children being care for. I was asked to check to make sure that there was no potential hazards, I supervised the children and make sure that equipments and materials are right for their age. I was asked to take responsibility for tidying away equipments so that accidents are prevented and the environment is kept clean. All the staff were involved in wiping spillage and cleaned up surfaces to prevent the children being sick. I asked my supervisor or manage any thing I wanted to know about the children and keep it as confidential. NMC (2002). The staffs also establish good relationship with the parents, this help the children to settle in more quickly, I get on well with the children by spending much time with each patient to build relationship and trust. I also supported the need of the individual children. For example, when a child want to go to the toilet, I help them and to take their clothes and after they have finished I help them to watch their hands. I also helped them to do their act works as well as help them in the play ground. I also played part as a team member and was able to work with the staff. As a good team member, I respected the members of the team and supported them. I reflected upon, as a mother, I was able to used my skills of observation to prevent the children from injuring themselves. Used motherly love experience to provide for the children needs. I identified the roles that each member of care team played and how the nursery identify environmental hazards and eliminate and prevent them where possible. I also observed how the nursery applies appropriate rules to make sure of the safe administration of therapeutic substances. As a student I need to learn more about child care and to continue to practice and experience under supervision of a registered nurse. ...read more.

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