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This essay will examine the function and formation of teamwork; it will also explore why teams come together and what they do?

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This essay will examine the function and formation of teamwork; it will also explore why teams come together and what they do? Problems that can arise between members will be discussed; it will also look at the multidisciplinary team in practice and its key features, including who is involved, how they work, and what their roles are. The link between theory and practice will be discussed. Guidelines and Policies will be explored, also what makes a good nurse in a hospital environment, and why good communication is an important part of nursing. An article by Gustafson (1994) focuses on two different models for team work, looking at individual characteristics. The first model looks at the individual person, and is called the flow theory model. This model looks at the person's mental state during an experience they have had. There are "three realms, boredom, flow channel, and anxiety. The flow theory model refers more to the mental consciousness in relation to holistic life experiences. The second model is the forming, storming, norming, performing and transforming." Gustafson (1994) says this model looks at development and how a group functions. Mears and Voehl (1994) describe how the stages work as follows: Forming. This is when a team first form. It is at this stage, members feel comfortable, introduce themselves and leadership roles begin. Storming. At this stage members have to perform a task which may be difficult so depend on their own skill to get them through it. ...read more.


Webster (2002) continues to say that clients are the main focus for telling their own story and share in their plan of care they also participate with the multidisciplinary team meetings. All relevant people in the client's life as well as other relevant professional disciplines should be involved, so the team is made up of those able to offer what the client wants and needs. For the multidisciplinary team to work well together it needs to have shared goals and value base. A system should check the team are working well and effectively (Thomas and Mathias 1999). "Care planning includes the patient, his or her carer(s) and appropriate service providers in the identification and assessment of patient needs, from which a care plan is developed, that includes goals and actions aimed at achieving desired/optimal outcomes" (Care Coordination 2005). The Scottish Executive Health Department (2004) emphasised why a team-based approach is relevant for improving patient care. Good communication is important within the multidisciplinary team. Team working should include each person giving input when decision making, sharing objectives in order to make use of appropriate skills, which will help with health needs within the practice. According to Crawford and Brown (2005) nursing is about good clear communication and written interactions with all members of the team, including the client and family. "This might take place in such activities such as counselling and building a therapeutic relationship, assessment and care planning, information giving, teaching and health promotion, record keeping and dealing with communication difficulties." ...read more.


In well patients nurses need to promote wellness and prevent illness. This can be done by involving activities which include problem solving, making decisions, being an advocate, and aiming for a healthier lifestyle. Wilkinson (2007) goes on to describe the nursing process as a promoting collaboration, this is when team members have an organised approach, communication is good, and patient problems are prevented. Collaborative work involves policy making and decision making. In conclusion, there are many reasons why a team should function and communicate well together. Good team work results in good quality of care for patients. Team meetings with the multidisciplinary team should also include the patient as well as all other relevant people to the patient. To be able to reflect on practice is important for a nurse, being aware of areas in which to improve upon, and areas in which through experience can be built on. The theory of nursing is about how we experience and observe outcomes and situations. Being able to reflect, on how we work and deal with new experiences and how we give evidence of our understanding on how we reflect on our actions. A good nurse is one who does not judge another person and can work well with anyone in a non-judgemental way, is empathetic to others and interacts well within the team, in view of giving the highest standard of care. 1 ...read more.

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