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This Report on the administration, effectiveness and problems of HMP Leicester based on the Report of unannounced full follow-up inspection during 21st to 23rd of August 2006.

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HMP LEICESTER Report on unannounced inspection 21-23 august 2006 STUDENT REF: 1000 WORDS TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. BACKGROUND 3 1.1. The Aim of the Report 3 2. INTRODUCTION 4 2.1. Location 4 2.2. Reception criteria and operational capacity 4 3. MAIN BODY 5 3.1 Building and accommodations 5 3.2 Education 5 3.3 Employment 5 3.4 Healthcare 6 3.5 Gymnasiums and Sports 6 3.6 Chaplaincy 6 3.7 Catering 7 3.8 Bullying and safer custody 7 4. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONS 7 5. CONCLUSION 8 6. REFERENCES 10 1. BACKGROUND 1.1 The aim of Report The Report present administration, effectiveness and problems of HMP Leicester based on the Report of unannounced full follow-up inspection during 21st to 23rd of August 2006. At the time of inspection prison was operating under the acute pressure caused by a record national prison population of 79.200. It is clear from the report that strains were showing. Of particular concern was the approach to suicide and self-harming, given that the prison had experienced nine deaths in custody over the previous 28 months, seven of them apparently self-inflicted. In this report we will have a look on assessment and plans, which have been successfully completed, and those which are unacceptable, need urgently to be improved. 2. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Location HMP Leicester is a small, old, inner-city local prison, situated in a commercial and residential district about half a mile from the city centre, on Welford Road, in the Southfields area. ...read more.


Systems to monitor and truck learners progress should be developed and implemented, also outreach education provision should be broadened to reach all prisoner activity areas. 3.3 Employment Employment centres on the Contract Services Shop, Kitchen, Domestic Cleaners and Works. Chief inspector recommended more challenging work, which should be provided for prisoners who remain in Leicester long enough to acquire skills. Up to 70 prisoners were employed in the kitchen, as orderlies or in domestic work but prisoners could not archive industry recognised qualifications in this area. 3.4 Healthcare There is a purpose built Healthcare Unit, staffed by a full time SMO and a part time GP. Dental and Optician treatments are one session each per week. There are also four visiting Psychiatrists, each giving one session per week. Healthcare had deteriorated since the last inspection, and was well below the standard the team expected to find. The management of health services was in a state of flux. Clinical governance arrangements were weak, clinical supervision was non-existent and the department was overseen by a governor grade who had no previous healthcare experience. 3.5 Gymnasium and Sports PE facilities are limited, the gymnasium being a converted workshop. An outdoor sports area was built in 1999 on an old secure exercise yard. There is a full PE programme including weekends, but there is still no sports hall, and the outdoor - only usable in summer- has been taken over for monitoring exercise period, which limited access by PE Department Gym staff said that about 35 % of prisoners regularly used the gym. ...read more.


* Residential units - smokers and non-smokers should not be made to share cells against their wishes, and prisoners should be provided with lockable lockers so that they can secure their in-possession items of property. * Bullying and safer custody - all potential bullying incidents should be fully investigated and there should be structured interventions, such as those provided in other establishments, to support both bullies and victims. * Race relations - a multidisciplinary team should review the cell sharing risk assessment of prisoners highlighted as potentially racist, moreover the race relations management team and how to submit a racist incident report form should be permanently displayed on notice boards. * Applications and complaints - all replies to complaint forms should be legible and courteous. * Healthcare - a chronic disease register should be established, record keeping should be improved and also there should be clear clinical and professional leadership of the prison's health services. * Education, work and library provision - more challenging work should be provided for prisoners who remain in Leicester long enough to acquire skills. * Management of resettlement - the membership of the offender management policy meeting should be broadened to include professional staff developing services within the establishment, as well as relevant senior managers based in the community. * Catering - prisoners working in the kitchen should receive training for the basic food hygiene certificate. Overall the report was quite disappointing. It is not a prison with a negative culture, nerveless, some of the deficits, particularly in safety are unacceptable, and need urgently to be improved. 6. ...read more.

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