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Tuckman's stages of group communication

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´╗┐The first stage of group communication according to Tuckman is forming, this is where the team is formed and roles are allocated to individuals within the group. This stage is essentially used as a catalyst in getting the members of the group to know each other as they don?t feel comfortable enough in each other?s company and will still be acting on an independent basis. There is also a heavy reliance on the team leader at this point as no one feels confident enough in their new surroundings to make decisions and generate input. ...read more.


In extreme cases, if the group finds themselves stuck in the storming stage, they will come up with simple, non effective solution just so that the team can progress leading to many problems further on and not progressing as efficiently and effectively as they could have. (http://www.the-happy-manager.com/articles/teamwork-theory/ 12:21) The third stage is all about beginning to form a togetherness within the group, it is known as norming. This is where the team members finally start to come together, finding clarification on who does what and how they do it. The team will now engage in fun and social activities, bonding efficiently. ...read more.


The idea of over achieving is prevalent as everyone now believes they can do really well. Any disagreements formed are easily dealt with in a calm and collected manner. In terms of relationship, whilst also taking on the task?s duties, the group now has the ability to maintain relationships to a high standard. (http://www.businessballs.com/tuckmanformingstormingnormingperforming.htm 13:01) The final stage, which was added ten years on from this original cycle of group communication, is known as adjourning. This is the break down of the group. Once the task has been completed, members of the group will now move on to other things, if the task has been completed well, the members will feel good about themselves and what they have done and will have a positive attitude, quashing all chances of former insecurities re-emerging. (http://www.infed.org/thinkers/tuckman.htm 13:20) ...read more.

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