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Underage drinking should be illegal.

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Underage Drinking Should Be Illegal Almost everyone knows that alcohol can ruin your health. The more you drink, the more damage is done. You can get alcohol poisoning if you drink too much too fast. As the level of alcohol in your blood goes up, the chemicals in your body can cause various effects. Your liver can also be damaged which stops it from being able to clean the toxins out of your body, which can cause a type of poisoning. All students have been told the effects of drinking alcohol in textbooks. However, these explanations in textbooks seem dull and meaningless therefore they tend to ignore it and think "No that won't happen to me." ...read more.


However, it is proven in researches that traffic accidents decreased when the minimum drinking age was raised from 18 to 21 in the US. Some studies have shown that when the minimum drinking age was lowered to 18, there was an increase in traffic accidents involving teenagers younger than 18. Alcohol-related car accidents are the leading cause of death among 15 to 24 year-olds. Here is a quote from one of the articles I read on drunk driving. "Drunk driving accounts for more teenage deaths than any other cause (5,000 teenage deaths a year from alcohol-related accidents) in the United States. Nationwide, 60 percent of teenage deaths in car accidents are alcohol-related. Teenagers are involved in twice as many fatal car accidents involving alcohol as their population would suggest." ...read more.


Placing the drinking age above eighteen will also help keep alcohol out of the high schools because it is said that only 50 percent of high school seniors turn eighteen while still in school. Alcohol use has a serious negative impact on student attendance and academic performance. Also the behavior of 18 year olds is mainly influential on youth ages 15-17, as young people naturally imitate the performances of those who are slightly older rather than those who are significantly older. Therefore if 18 year olds would be legally drinking then their younger peers will drink as well. However raising the minimum drinking age will decrease the amount of alcohol related accidents by young people, it will have a better impact on student attendance and academic performance and it will lower the risks of alcohol related health problems with the young people. ...read more.

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