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Understand the strategies used to safeguard children and young people from abusive and exploitative behaviour

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Caring For Children and Young People Understand the strategies used to safeguard children and young people from abusive and exploitative behaviour Unit: 10 Task: 3 Anjum Aziz Discussing for this task I will be explaining the strategies that can be used to safeguarding children and young people from abusive behaviour.Age restriction play's an important role to keep children and young people away from abusive and exploitative behaviour. The strategies that are used with children/ young people, parents and family member are trust, be a good listener, take people seriously, be approachable and also try not to jump to a conclusion without having enough information. All strategies are important for safety and well- being for everyone. As a social worker if I come to suspect any signs and or symptoms of abuse or neglect, it's my responsibility to make sure children and young people are out of danger and have safe life. I have to work out what strategies and methods that can be used to support children and young people also their families. Society is now child centred compared to the past, in the past children were "mini adults" they didn't had any rights. ...read more.


Ask him about his family and how does he spend his time at home, I have to be a good listener by taking it seriously. Asking him relevant questions could make him more comfortable with me so he can tell me his story. After listening to his story I make sure to tell him that everything will be ok and you will be safe. Firstly I need to make Josh feel that he has a value and he is important, and tell him what is right for him and what's wrong. Encourage him to "openness" mean don't hide and thing tell everything that's on his mind, which is making him scared. And also Josh should know that it's not confidential because I need to refer it to someone else. I have to involve his parents. I will make sure that I choose suitable time, not in the evening because they might be drunk. Engaging with parents and involving them in assessment of their child needs shows that I recognise and value their contribution.The mother goes for job and Pete leave six years old child in the house alone, this is abuse, so police will be involved, but also I need to take child away and make sure that Josh is not in the room, when police are talking to their parents. ...read more.


It is really important to involve parents in their child matter because they are the main carers and they should know what going on with their children. If parents don't want to get involve it is weakness because they wouldn't know what their children are doing, or on which direction they are going? Is it good for them or bad for their future? Parents should have knowledge how to look after their children properly. It won't be effective if they don't get involve. To make it effective practitioners need to promote parenting skills. Some parents might had bad experience in their childhood they might treat their children same as they were treated. The other important strategy is facial expression. They are very important because they show the emotions and can be a clear and effective communication. On the other hand side we need to be aware of the cultural differences to avoid misinterpretation. Over all our facial expressions and body language should be appropriate because children with disability such as hearing impairment will try to lip read and look at facial expression, how we react to them. It is important that children feel valued for their self. The benefits would be that, they will have confidences and also they will be aware of their rights and responsibilities. The strategy is to help children to recognise the difference between right and wrong. ...read more.

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