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Understand the strategies used to safeguard children and young people from exploitative behaviour.

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´╗┐Hannah Farnworth 2e Assignment 1 Caring for Children and Young people Unit 10 Task: Understand the risks to children and young people of abusive and exploitative behaviour. Understand the strategies used to safeguard children and young people from exploitative behaviour. There are four main types of abuse, these are: . Physical . Neglect . Sexual . Emotional Physical Abuse There is many different possible signs and symptoms of physical abuse. These symptoms could be bruises, unexplained burns; bite marks a child could also have internal injuries. If the child has signs and symptoms of bruising then this may lead to suspicion if the bruising was in the shape of a belt, rope or a shoe as this would indicate that the child may have been whipped with one of these objects. If the child has bruising in unusual places such as inner thighs, behind the knee, upper arm, back or neck, then this may also lead to suspicion as they are very unusual places for a child to bump then selves and develop bruising in these particular areas which may indicate that the bruising has been done deliberate to the child. ...read more.


If a child has poor hygiene then this may lead to suspicion if the Childs/ young person?s clothes are not washed and are often dirty. The child may have an unpleasant smell about them if their clothes have not been washed. The child/ young person may have a strong and unpleasant body odour if the child/ young person isn?t being bathed and put in clean clothes which may lead to suspicion. If the child is a baby a major sign of neglect which would lead to suspicion would be if the baby has a persistent nappy rash. Another sign of neglect which would be under the symptom of poor hygiene would be if the child had a regular occurrence of head lice which is left untreated. It may lead to suspicion if a child / young person is left with a lack of clean underwear which may lead to skin irritations which could then lead to infections. Also the clothes which the child is wearing may be inappropriate for the time of year for example if a child was allowed to go out in winter with just a t-shirt on, or if a child was left to wear shoes which has holes in the bottom which allow water to seep through this may lead to suspicion of a neglected child/young person. ...read more.


If a child was acting out sexual behaviour in their play for example trying to undress other children in play. Drawings and stories may also indicate a sexual awareness and interest for example when a child or young person is drawing they may draw genitals on a person. Emotional There are many different signs and symptoms of emotional abuse. These symptoms could be the behaviour of the child/ young person towards the suspected abuser. Another symptom could be that a child/ young person my seek constant reassurance from a member of staff. It may lead to suspicion if a child/ young person may appear to be overly sensitive to the abusers mood. The abuser may often belittle the child/ young person, the abuser may call the child/ young person names or compare them to other children/ young people in an unfavourable way, these could be siblings in which the parents favour. This would make the child/ young person feeling down, it will effect there self esteem and lower their confidence and they may try and find attention of their parents by doing things they shouldn?t, it may also cause arguments between the child which is being belittled and the child which is being favoured by the parent. ...read more.

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