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unit 1, assignment 1

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Assignment 1 - 1.1a Communication it is a way of exchanging ideas and information within the people around you. In communication enables people to feel safe, to make relationships and develop self-esteem. In addition, communication also is important because of poor communication if a person gives wrong details to a patient something can go wrong or you might be harming a person, it is your reasonability to look after the patient and your not and then you will put yourself at harms away. In a one to one communication, there is a conversation between two people to express information to each other. For example a doctor is communicating with the client so then he can tell if there is something wrong with the client, for example in a situation they will need to use to use a wide range of verbal and other skills to make sure that the communication is effective. Group communication is where communication can also take place with a group of people. For example you are discussing a idea let say about global warming in a group of people around a circle you would agree or disagree on the question, agree or disagree with other people around you. Forming is where the group members come together. ...read more.


Used appropriately, touch can convey messages of support, caring and affection. In other words, circumstance touch may be seen as suggested dominance or sexual interest. Care workers need to ensure that any circumstance in which they use touch to communicate is appropriate, welcomed and understood by the client. Music and Drama is a way of communicating and expressing a range of feelings. They can be used when people are having difficulty in expressing themselves in other ways. For example, drama is a way of expressing yourself when you are acting or miming a story or a play and it is good for the patients to help with their communication. Music can be a clam and soothe, relaxing thing for someone. Art and craft is a way of communication by showing paintings, sculptures, and models. What's more art can be a helpful thing for children because if the client child as a mental health problems or people with learning disabilities maybe art and other things playful to them might help them. Communication can be also used on technology because many records are now stored electronically and the NHS has begun a massive project to introduce and electronic patient-record system. This will not only keep the details of individuals patients, but also allow GPs to book appointments with hospital consultants and give the patient a choice of which hospital to attend. ...read more.


Gestures can be communications were you use your arms and hand movements can be used to suggest a meaning. For example, if I wanted to wave my hand just so I can communicate to my friend by saying hi to them. Silence can convey a message of support or care. For example, sometimes it is good to have silence because a space can give a person a sense of clam and an unrushed approach if there are in a troubled way. Proximity is the physical space between people known as their proximity and sometimes shows how friendly or intimate the conversation is. Different cultures have different behaviours with respect to the space between people who are talking. Reflective listening can be often understand other peoples emotion just by watching their non-verbal communication but you cant always understand someone's thoughts without good listening skills. Variation between cultures is we have already suggested that there may be significant variation between different cultures. These variations may be in attitudes, as well as in language and non-verbal communication. Listening and reflecting back is communication is a two way process. It requires that messages are listened to. These are several aspects that affect the listening process: the linguistic or spoken aspects, the paralinguistic aspects, such as tone and accent, and the non-verbal aspects. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sana Parkar 12BE ...read more.

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