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Unit 1 Assignment: Introduction to working with children - people, settings and responsibilities.

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´╗┐Jessica Bascombe C1 AA07361 Unit 1 Assignment: Introduction to working with children D1: A statutory setting that is run by the state is a nursery school and is free of charge because it is funded by the government through the local council nursery school is for children under 5 years and has qualifed teachers and professionals. Nursery schools follow the early foundation stage which mandory for all schools and early years settings the early foundation stage forus on 6 areas of learning e.g.: communication language and lieracy, knowlegde and understanding of the world, physical development, creavtive development, personal soaicl and emotional development, problem solving, reasoning and numeracy. Most nursery schools opening times are 9:00am ? 3:15pm and open only term time only. A statutory setting that is run by the state is a primary school and is free of charge because it is funded by the government through the local council primary schools aims is to care and teach for children 5 years and over and follow the national curriculum which is to provide opptunites for all pupils to learn and to achieve the core subjects for primary school 5 ? 7years(Key Stage 1) is english, maths, science, art, design and technology, ICT, music and PE. ...read more.


Christmas cards by doing all of this you will be valuing each child a an indivial. You can also value a child as an indivial when planning activies e.g.: for disabled children you would have to have materials and recourses that disabled children can use to a swell as children with out disables e.g.: use low tables if it?s for a child in a wheel chair or if it is a child with a visual impairment you would have to do activates to do with touch like play dough in settings staff should always plan activities for all the children to do so none is left out. C1/D7: An example of when you should pass on information about a child is when a child is allergic to something e.g.: nuts, strawberries and glue if staff in a setting does not pass on important information like this the child could die from its allergic reaction. An other time when staff has to pass on information is if one of the children?s parents tell you that someone else is picking up the child so the staff will have to tell the other staff in that room so they will know and they will have to give a password so then they will know that it is safe to give the child to them. ...read more.


Staff should always respect confidential information about children and families as long as it doesn?t affect the child?s welfare e.g.: if child was being abused you would have to tell the information to a person in charge e.g.: manger, key worker and maybe deputy. A*: It is important to recognize your own learning style because it can help you doing assignments and could benefit me recognizing and accepting the learning style that helps me the most. The learning style that helps me the most is kinaesthic and visual learning style because I like to do practical activities to help me learn rather than listening to someone teaching me using this kind of learning could help me to succeed in the course and in the future. Visual learning style also help me because cause it helps me to member things like if the teacher is teaching me from the computer white board I stays in my head for longer than someone just talking to me. In placement I find it easier when a member of staff shows me what to do first this helps me learn faster. In class I taking notes from the videos/DVDs help me in my assignments. D8: Books: Child Care and Education level 2 Practical EYFS Handbook Penny Tassoni Child Care and Education level 2 Penny Tassoni EYFS Handbook Internet: Nurseryworld.co.uk ...read more.

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