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Unit 1 communication

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Contents Page 2 Introductions Page 3 Tasks 1 Types of communication Page 9 Tasks 2 The communication cycle Page 11 Tasks 3 Communication with difficult, complex and sensitive issues Page 16 Bibliographies The following assignment is about communication, the methods and the ways in which they are used. It also covers the communication cycle, how to use it both in general and with complex and sensitive issues. The assignment covers both examples in general and personal ones. There is also a personal illustration of the communication cycle along with pictures taken from clipart. Task 1 (pass 1) Developing effective communication in health and social care The first part of the assignment is about communication methods and the different ways in which we use them. It gives descriptions and examples of the following. * One to one * Groups * Formal & informal * Text * Oral & visual * Touch * Music & drama * Arts & crafts * Use of technology Picture taken from clipart One to one A conversation that involves two people and can be either face to face or the telephone. This type of example is a widely used one and is used by any number of people. In a health and social care setting it could be a doctor/patient conversation about a possible medical condition. When a patient goes to see a doctor the doctor usually starts of the conversation by asking what the problem is? The patient will then describe their symptoms if any to the doctor. The doctor then might ask other questions in order to either make a diagnosis or decide if the patient needs to have tests. Before you see the doctor you have to telephone the surgery to make an appointment. You are therefore using two methods of a one to one communication. As in order to see the doctor you have had a one to one telephone conversation with the receptionist to make the appointment. ...read more.


If you change doctors your new surgery will send a fax to your old surgery and ask them to fax urgent medical detail. Just about any local telegraph and newsletter can be looked at on the computer with the use of the Internet. The Internet is possibly the largest and most common use of communication using technology. Schools now use email and mobile text messaging to inform parents when their child is not in school. Schools have there own websites, which you can use to get in touch with them. The professor Stephen Hawkings communicates with the use of a portable computer and voice synthesiser. Without the use of technology Professor Hawkins would not be able to communicate quite so effectively. Picture taken from clipart Task 2 (pass 2) The communication cycle The next stage of the assignment is to describe the communication cycle. The description shows how the communication cycle is used and the different stages in the cycle. There are 12 stages to the communication cycle as detailed below. (Diagram taken from www.dyad.org) The 12 stages of the communication cycle 1. Person A wants to communicate with person B and uses eye contact to get their attention. 2. Person B acknowledges person A with the return use of eye contact. 3. Person A thinks about how they are going to put into words what they want to communicate to person B. 4. Person A, having thought about the message puts it across to person B in a way they hope will be understood. 5. Person B receives the message and takes it in. 6. Person B then decodes the message. 7. Person B has decoded the message and uses a facial expression perhaps to give person A an idea if they have understood it or not. 8. Person B then thinks about what message they want to reply to person A. 9. ...read more.


The way in which he did this was somebody pointing to individual letters in the alphabet and he raised an eyebrow when the correct letter was pointed at. This was repaired with the advances in technology for professor Stephen Hawkins and those like him (advanced motor-neurone disease) as the use of a computer and speech synthesizer made it possible for him to do the communicating himself. Social setting A group of people on a night out with various disabilities can have various communication problems because of the setting. For example if you take somebody who has aggressive autism to a noisy place then they would become agitated. They might start self harming by banging their head or biting themselves. If they had passive autism they are unable to socialise or play in front of others. Communication would breakdown at stage 3 because as soon as the social setting has changed their behaviour would change. In order to regain communication both forms of autism have to be treated the same way and that is to change the social setting. Take them to quiet places where they are able to be themselves. Visual impairment/disability People who are visually impaired or disabled have the disadvantage that they are unable to see or have very little sight. If you gave a book with small text to somebody who has very little sight then communication would break down at stage 3. You, person A is able to make eye contact with Person B and they with you but they are unable to read the book because the text is too small. You could repair this with a book printed in large text or with the use of glasses or a magnifying glass. If person B was totally blind then communication would breakdown at stage 1. Person A is unable to make eye contact with person B. however the same issue can be repaired as books are also available on tape. You, person A could also read the book to person B. ...read more.

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