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Unit 1 coursework: Health, Social Care & Early Years Provisions.

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Unit 1 coursework: Health, Social Care & Early Years Provisions. The name of my organisation is the NHS. This is a free service and it is available to everyone. Our Nearest NHS trust is Epsom & St. Helier. Our nearest NHS hospital is St. Helier hospital. This Hospital is situated in Carshalton, surrey. The address is: St Helier Hospital, Wrythe Lane, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 1AA St. Helier hospital is part of the NHS. It is also part of a trust with Epsom hospital. These two hospitals provide care to south-west London and Surrey. St. Helier offers acute services including 24-hours A&E. It also incorporates Queen Mary's Hospital for Children on site St. Helier hospital is surrounded by bus stops, a train station, a main road and a car park is located on sight. This makes the hospital very accessible to those who may want to use it as well as people who work there or those who may be visiting patients. There are also a number of shops two minutes walk away, a park across the road, and a skate park across the road and a fitness centre behind the park. St. Helier offers a range of services. This includes specialised and mandatory services. Some of them are: A&E - A&E departments assess and treat people with serious injuries and those in need of emergency treatment. ...read more.


communication � Not squeamish � understanding Skills needed: � To be a midwife, you should: � be able to relate well to people of all ages and backgrounds � be able to build up trust with women and their families � be able to help mothers feel confident and in control � have effective communication skills � have a genuine desire to help people � enjoy working in a team but also on your own initiative � have maturity, compassion and sensitivity � be able to remain calm under pressure � be able to explain processes to people who have no medical knowledge � Respect the mother's wishes about how and where to have her baby unless it is dangerous to do so. You get these skills through everyday life. But they can be very hard to gain. You either have them or you don't. The way my client go this job: Care Base Value A value is a belief or opinion that people have. They are usually passed on thought families or published by the media E.g. you should always say please and thank you or that people who wear hoddies will mug you and steal from shops. These are all Stereotypes Stereotyping is when you make assumptions about someone, this often forms prejudice towards people and makes people discriminate other people. ...read more.


This is a professional referral. This is because he was assessed by paramedics and they came to the conclusion that he needed further help. By needing to go to hospital there are some obstacles they may have affect on the care that my clients may receive. For example Jake* may have had difficulty getting to the hospital. If his mother didn't drive he would have had to rely on an ambulance or public transport. For his physiotherapy treatments If Jake's* mother didn't drive he would have to rely on public transport to get himself to the hospital because you can not call an ambulance to pick you up from home to take you to an out patients appointment. I suggest that the hospital should provide a taxi service that is cheap or free to people who can not afford to pay for it. Dean* does not like going to or being in hospital. He tries to avoid going to hospital as much as possible, but this had affected his health in a bad way. By procrastinating going for check-ups and seeking medical help when needed is health has deteriorated radically. I suggest that the hospital enforce some kind of monitoring to ensure Dean* attends all appointments to help improve his health as much as possible. Such as a pick up service. In conclusion I have learned that the NHS helps and provides care in many different ways for everyone in the United Kingdom. I have also discovered how it affects people who use the service. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Healthcare section.

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