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Unit 10 Assignment 2. Providing Care for Children Away From Their Families

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´╗┐Unit 10 Assignment 2 Are you in a situation where you might need some support with caring for your children? Or are you a young person that needs help or support? If yes, then this information will be a lot of help to you. Temporary/Permanent Care If you ever feel as though you are in a situation where you are finding it hard to care for your child, or you cannot provide for your child at this moment in time, or you are a child that has behaviour or anger issues, then you could contact a fostering agency or the social services who will be ready to help you. They will be able to provide care for your child and fulfil their needs, it will just be temporary until you have resolved your problem whether it?s financial, health or drug/alcohol related. While your child is temporarily in care they will be looked after by the staff in the care home. The staff will try their best to find a loving family for your child to stay with on a short-term basis. They will contact families that are interested in caring for a child temporarily, the family will be interviewed and observed to make sure they are suitable to care for a child and the suitable families will be chosen to care for your child. ...read more.


Respite foster care families take children in for a couple days at a time, to give stressed families a periodic break. This can be anything from an overnight stay to a couple of weeks. Respite care provides a series of pre-planned short term placements of a child with the same carer. The length of the arrangements can vary based on the specific needs of the child and their family. Respite Carers provide support, advice and attention to children and families, the Social Services draw up a care plan and visit the child regularly and review the placements on a regular basis, they make sure the agency that is providing the short-term care should be meeting the child's needs. ________________ Adoption Children can be adopted through foster care or private agencies. There is an agency called Barnardo?s that can help you with the adoption process. In adoption your child will be adopted and cared for permanently by a family, the family will go through a thorough assessment to see if they are capable of caring for your child permanently. Agencies offer to provide a high level of legal and emotional support to children and families for as long as it is necessary. ...read more.


Continuity of education and health care needs According to the ?Ever Child Matters? document that the government have made, children in care should continue with education while they are in care, children are encouraged to reach their full educational potential to ensure they are successful in the future. Going to school also lets children maintain contact with friends and keeps them in a good routine. Being happy at school produces better behavior and adjustment. While in care children?s health care is continued, children in foster care are more likely to have physical health problems due to being abused, neglected or injured. Pediatricians play an important role in helping child welfare agencies, foster families, and birth families to minimize the trauma of placement separation and improve the child?s health and development during the period of foster care. Providing health care to looked after children requires more time than it does for an average patient. Physicians are prepared to provide necessary care even when little information about the child is available at the time. The pediatricians attempt to identify physical and developmental problems and assist social workers and foster parents in working out the types of additional care and services the child requires. Organization of care provision The Department of Health is a department of the United Kingdom government which is responsible for the health and social care matters for the NHS in England. ...read more.

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