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Unit 11 Assignment on Abuse

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BETC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care. Unit 11, Assignment 1. Abuse Forms of Abuse Physical Abuse Physical abuse is classified as the any form of aggressive contact including ?hitting, shaking, choking or biting.? These forms of attacks can often lead to visible indicators such as ?bruising, cuts, scratches burns, fractures and internal injuries.? This form of abuse, when inflicted over a long period of time, can often lead to severe disabilities including paralysis, brain damage, post-traumatic stress disorder or even death. Sexual Abuse Sexual Abuse is classified as the any form of forced, unwanted or un-consensual sexual contact, penetrative sexual contact, pressure to engage in sexual activity, intentional unwanted exposure to sexual activity and the taking of indecent media. Psychological and Emotional Abuse Psychological Abuse is classified as any form of Verbal, Dominant or Jealous behavior that is intended to cause psychological trauma or to gain power over another individual. This can involve Intimidation, Degrading Behavior, Terrorizing, Isolation and Neglect. Exploitation Exploitation is classified as using another individual in an unfair manner to facilitate personal gain. This is often through putting someone at a disadvantage in order to gain a fiscal benefit. ...read more.


http://www.safekidsbc.ca/physical.htm accessed 10 December 2012 http://www.safekidsbc.ca/sexual.htm accessed 10 December 2012 http://www.scie.org.uk/publications/guides/guide03/abuse/types.asp accessed 10 December 2012 http://www.tameside.gov.uk/socialcare/adultabuse/signs accessed 10 December 2012 The causes of Abusive Situations, The Immediate Impact of Abusive Situations and the Long-Term Effects of Abusive Situations Physical Abuse One of the main factors that can lead to a Physicaly Abusive situation is the aggressor possesses personality traits that make them prone to sudden bursts of anger, poor impulse control, jealousy and poor self-esteem. This can often lead to the aggressor attempting to force another individual into a position where they are ?worse off? or less powerful in order to feel some form of control. Another factor that can lead to Physically Abusive situations is mental illness. There are several personality disorders such as schizophrenia and bi-polar that can lead to unintentional physical abuse. Other mental illnesses such as alcohol and drug dependence can have a strong influence on the individual?s behaviour which in some cases can make the individual unstable, unpredictable and aggressive. The major Short-Term effects of Physical Abuse are the Physical Injuries on the victim?s body which can put the individual into a critical health state where their life may be in danger in the worst cases. ...read more.


The long-term effects that Discriminatory Abuse can influence include the individual discriminating against specific groups of individuals as during their previous experiences they have been abused by similar individuals, A lack of trust in others due to the treatment they have received from others, the individual may feel a strong fear for their safety due to their differences which can lead to further despair, depression, isolation, self-neglect and anxiety. Institutional Abuse and Neglect One factor that can lead to Institutional Abuse is that the employee is over-stretched and must approach their workload in a methodical manner in order to ensure they do not become overburdened. Another factor that can lead to Institutional Abuse is that the employee is inadequately trained or does not possess enough experience to correctly meet the requirements of a service user. Another factor that can lead to Institutional Abuse is that the employee has conflicting priorities from the management, third party services, such as doctors and social workers, and the service user?s family. http://www.caraessex.org.uk/effects.html accessed 10 December 2012 http://molestation.co.za/Contributing_factors_Statistics.html accessed 10 December 2012 http://www.helpguide.org/mental/elder_abuse_physical_emotional_sexual_neglect.htm accessed 10 December 2012 http://www.nationalworkinggroup.org/what-is-child-sexual-exploitation/a-sexual-exploitation-risk-assessment-framework accessed 10 December 2012 http://www.safefromharm.org.uk/wps/wcm/connect/occ/Safe+From+Harm/Professionals/What+is+adult+abuse/Types+of+abuse/Discrimination/ accessed 10 December 2012 http://www.amnesty.org/en/discrimination accessed 10 December 2012 accessed 10 December 2012 http://www.hertsdirect.org/infobase/docs/pdfstore/app2signs.pdf accessed 10 December 2012 http://www.microsites.essexcc.gov.uk accessed 10 December 2012 Liam Dolman - 236687 ...read more.

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