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unit 2 Multiculturalism and Discrimination in Healthcare.

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´╗┐In relation to health and social care we now live in a modern society, where the term multicultural is more appropriate. Multicultural means many different people of various origins, races, cultures and religions are living together in one society. This is known as multiculturalism. For example: Races -Race is classification of humans into large and distinct populations or groups but also often influenced by and correlated with traits such as appearance. Religion -Religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems and worldviews that establishes symbols that relate humanity too spiritually and sometimes, to moral values. Britain is a very multicultural society, with many people from different backgrounds who live and work all over the world. The largest immigrant groups live in and around London with many other groups who reside in other parts of Britain. Time Main groups of immigrants 1800?s Jewish arrivals from Russia/ Poland: people from rural Ireland 1948-50?s Caribbean people (invited to help rebuild post war Britain) ...read more.


? Food ? Which provide diversity, as there are many different multicultural foods available in the market for people to try and buy. There are religious beliefs to take in to account as not everyone can or will eat the same thing for example: because of religious beliefs a person will only eat Halal meat which is required either by their religion, belief or culture. ? Language ? There are a diverse many languages spoken in today?s society. It can be beneficial to learn another language when working in the health and social care sector as society is very diverse. There are a total of 139 different languages spoken in London today. ? Education ? Which has expanded over the years to cater for a wide range of cultures and backgrounds, and the education system has benefited from this as it has given people from other backgrounds the opportunity to make positive changes in relation to diversity. ...read more.


Respecting a person?s culture/religion is important in health and social cars as it creates a sense of understanding and support for the persons. (Race relations act 2000) ? Family status Family status can lead to a variety of discrimination which includes: Gay/lesbian Single parents Parents of different races (mixed race or other) Parents whom use substances ? Disability We see people every day who suffer from different types of disabilities. In health and social care we will work and support people with various disabilities from different backgrounds. The disability discrimination act (DDA) 1995 which protects the rights of people with disabilities. It places a duty on organisations to explore how they can overcome barriers and increase access to their services and people with a disability. ? Sexuality A persons sexuality is a personal thing, they can be peered to a person who is attracted to another person of the same sex (gay/or lesbian), the opposite sex (heterosexual) or both sexes (bisexual). Discrimination against person?s sexuality is against the law. ...read more.

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