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Unit 3 Health, Safety and Security in Health and Social Care. Describe how health and safety legislation, policies and procedures promote the safety of individuals in a health or social care setting.

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P2 - Outline how legislation, policies and procedures relating to health, safety and security influence health and social care settings. M1 - Describe how health and safety legislation, policies and procedures promote the safety of individuals in a health or social care setting. Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 These regulations were first introduced in 1995. Their aim is to make sure that food hygiene is regulated across Europe and that food poisoning is prevented by ensuring that * Food areas are kept in a clean and good condition and maintain the standards of personal hygiene; * Foods are cooked thoroughly; * Foods are kept at the appropriate temperature; * Prevention of cross-contamination is put into practice. All health and social care settings need to ensure that their kitchens meet the requirements of the regulations. For example, the care home used in the case study in P1 had a kitchen used by staff and service users. The staff and clients using the kitchen need to make sure they wear aprons and gloves at all times to ensure that cross-contamination is prevented and hygiene is promoted. ...read more.


M3 - Discuss health, safety and security concerns arising from a specific incident or emergency in a health or social care setting. D2 - Justify responses to a particular incident or emergency in a health or social care setting. Case study 1: 'Chesterfield Royal Hospital fire shuts Accident & Emergency department' 'A fire broke out at a hospital in Derbyshire, closing its emergency department as staff rushed to move patients to safety. The blaze broke out at 21:20 on Saturday in a newsagent's shop in the main entrance to Chesterfield Royal Hospital. Staff immediately closed the A&E department and 15 patients on stretchers had to be moved. All emergency admissions are being diverted to other hospitals. Ten dire appliances were sent to the scene and the blaze was put out after midnight, but crews have remained at the scene extinguishing hot spots. There was reported to be considerable smoke and fire damage to the A&E reception area and the fracture clinic, as the flames had spread through a roof space. 'Extensive damage' Chesterfield Royal's head of communications, Sarah Turner-Saint, said: "We are asking people not to attend A&E until further notice. ...read more.


The corridor should be closed down since there is still a risk of the ceiling collapsing further. All staff and patients should be made aware of the incident, and if there has been a witness, they should come forward. The accident should be recorded in the accident book, for query later on. Staff needs to ensure all patients are fine and support them if they are in shock. Due to the hospital being an old building, there may be a risk of it collapsing, so everyone needs to get evacuated till it is safe enough to enter again, to ensure safety. During the accident in case study2, there may have been complications or delays while surgery was undergoing. This could have had an impact on the patient. If the incident did affect the surgery, the patient needs to be moved to another room as soon as possible to prevent infection. If the incident did not impact the surgery, they should carry on as usual. Robbing and stealing becomes easier during emergencies and after incidents since no one is paying attention and there is a lack of security. Medicines and equipment may be stolen or people's belongings that have been left in the building during evacuating may be taken away. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 Tamkine Hederzada Jagdish Kalsi - H&S Care Level 3 ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

I was impressed by this piece of work which looks at health & safety in care settings. Relevant legislation is covered appropriately and the writer links this to the impact it has within the setting.
The writer is clearly aware of the various risks that can arise in a Care Home, and gives reasonable suggestions as to how these risks can be minimised.
Overall this is a very good piece of work. Consider also using other settings such as a nursery or youth club to show a wider appreciation of the topic of risk in other settings.

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 26/04/2013

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